Egyptian Chronicles: In The Memory of Mustafa Amin

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In The Memory of Mustafa Amin

In the Memory of Mustafa Amin who died on the 13th of April 1997.

Ali and Mustafa Amin

Mustafa and Ali Amin were the most famous twin in the history of journalism not only in Egypt but in the Arab world. Their life was controversial and rich more than you can ever imagine.

This is a very rare photo I found for them when they were young children playing at their mother’s aunt house “ The nation’s house” . Their mother’s aunt who raised them was the mother of Egyptians “Safia Zaglol

I won’t speak about the history of the Amin brothers now because it needs a lot of time but I will speak about one thing : How different they were from those official journalists currently in Egypt ??!!

The main difference is not in time or political preferences and choices but the main difference is that Mustafa and Ali WERE REAL JOURNALISTS.

They were real journalists who respected their readers and their mission.

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  1. Has Safia Mostafa Amin reclaimed ownership of her father's paper? Will she ever?

  2. No she has not and I do not think that she will,already she writes there and she is heading currently his charity NGO

  3. I dont think the Egyptians will ever forget the twin brothers Ali and Mustafa Amin. They are like the Pyramids, you cannot ignore it or you cannot say I dont see it! We will never forgets the sufferings of Ali and Mustafa Amin from the Nasser regime and the time Mustafa Amin spent in prison for 9 years. May Allah swt bless their soul in Jannah insyallah. Pls do doa' for them.

  4. AFTER 6 DAYS,THE ARAB WORLD ON TUESDAY/MARCH 21 and every year celebrates MOTHERS* DAY or 3EID EL OMM,also the 1st day of Spring,and our brothers in Iran/Afghanistan/Pakisatan/Kurdistan following the ZOROASTRIST or MAZDAYASNA Order/calendar,their NOHROZ or the Eastern New-Year?!Wishing them all,a very prosperous New-Year..But a Mother^s Day was a new concept in ARABIC calendar thanks to those TWIN brothers,ALI & MUSTAFA AMIN that marked that date,first,in 1956 & on, to say to our >>SEET AL HABAYEBs/ or Mothers,:*THANK YOU..MOM & MAY GOD KEEP YOU WELL!!Because both loved their LADY MOTHER/and a second MOTHER TOO, Lady: Saphia ZAGHLOUL,their immortal uncle Mr.SAAD ZAGHLOUL^S spouse Lady SAPHIYA Hanem with Adoration & great..DEVOTION too!!as much as they loved THE PRINTED WORD and much more! Immortal twins that MODERNIZED not just the Egyptian PRESS,but the whole Arab News medium,REVOLUTIONIZED it..with their great IDEAs or FIKRAs for at least 6 decades if not More!! Between CAIRO/LONDON/BEIRUT they spread their hidden treasures of editing & renovating failed papers to get back on their feet all over ,in Egypt, and abroad? When they edited DAR EL HILAL publications,in early 1960s,i still remember those twin little sisters looking in a shop window, on the AL HILAL monthly Jan.1962 issue cover?,which made that Educative monthly..once >hard faced< look ..a Family Friendly publication and much close to everyone^s..heart & soul!!also when Mr.Mustafa weekly column of FIKRA(IDEA)where HE enlightened, us(the Kids + teens), with the latest in inventions and future scientific predictions.. in intriguing 30->50lines each week!!Also when decided in 1964 to publish HE-YA(SHE or ELLE)Gloss weekly for all the family, with its many supplements.. never ignored or forgot children comics among such supplements, it was GENIUS step in Arab-Press then!! sadly after almost 30 maybe 40 issues HE-YA seized to publish,as things went BITTER in 1965 for the TWINS..Unfortunately!! i won^t discuss all that here,to avoid reminding all whom loved them then & still today,about those DARK..DARK days that both went through, even though Mr.ALI who was born few minutes after MUSTAPHA on Saturday of Feb. 21/1914 was shuttling between Beirut/London,and assisting member at Lebanon^s DAR ES-SAYYAD/in Hazmiyeh suburbs of the late 1960s til Late President Mr.ANWAR SADAT pardoned HIM,In 1974 after 9 years in detention?! SADLY enough Mr.ALI passed away on April 3rd 1976 in Cairo, i was stunned when i read the news in AL ANWAR daily in Beirut,even the bombs/bullets/snipers busy in taking innocents* lives,still such SAD NEWS hurt me TREMENDOUSLY, AS I ADORED both as Mentors/Leading MEN in Arab-Press culture and my WRITTEN WORD>>IDOLS?!!i got much to ADD about them soon-> From: Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN/London/

  5. AMIN TWINS..THOSE 2 GIANT BROTHERS,in fact Giants ,not only in their physical form/looks but also in their THOUGHTS and IDEAS..SINCE EARLY 1940 while planning for the launch of AL AKHBAR The Daily-NEWS- & AKHBAR EL YOWM my World< when i began to read them in the Sixties/it was like having Turkey on a dinner table 6 days a week then on Saturdays having Whole Lamb too,for feast? to be precise, and >honestly< putting you in the picture, that how things were then under their provision/even when running DAR EL HILLALs publications like entertainment weekly AL-KAWAKEB(The STARS)for cinema, we..I myself Thoroughly enjoyed Autumn special edition ADAD AL MOW-SEM The SEASONAL,in which we all read about our favourite movie super-stars and all about NEW movies that we in the Arab world + in Lebanon specifically are going to watch?? very intriguing edition in a Book shape than as a Mag., as for the rest 51 issues were, and a document of that field.. that I TREASURED..yearly!! and as a collectors Item too!! even though others such as Radio+T.V. (Al Izaa Wal Televizion prog. weekly +AKHER SEAA (Last Hour) political weeklies done the same thing under ADAD AL CIMA(cinema) yearly, but AL-MOWSEM was U..N..I..Q..U..E, in its pagination and style thanks to AMIN brothers* modernized ideas!! In many many other aspects too,,find it hard to mention in such modest Comments! Even we learned about BRIGHT*BLINDING *STAR OF THE ORIENT LADY UMM KALTHOUMS upbringings in weekly serials on 4 large pages >insert< HE-YA Continue soon!! From:London I.N.Barsoumian


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