Egyptian Chronicles: Day No.13 : It Is real Uprising

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day No.13 : It Is real Uprising

Despite the Presidential speech last night and despite the security crackdown , the protests in Tunisia have not stopped yet in fact according to many observers it is turning in to a real uprising.
For the 13th day in a row the Tunisian people continue to protest in several governorates and cities either in solidarity with Sidi Bou Zid or in objection on the unemployment conditions in the country. The protests are not spreading and so is the crack down against activists. Several activists have been detained to currently locked at their homes without any contact to the outside world. Back to Sidi Bou Zid , well it should enter Guinness records as the most surviving governorate under the siege from its own regime !!
Tunisia has recorded today the 4th suicide case since the start of uprising , a young man cut his rest objecting unemployment.  Now to our video clips round of the day which you will not see in your local channel.
The following videos show the clash between the security forces and angry protesters at the delegation of Feriana in Kasserine governorate.

فيديو: مشاهد من عملية حرق مقر معتمدية فريانه #sidibouzid ((tagL video, sidi bouzid, feryana from tunisians on Vimeo. The citizens of the burned down the HQ of the Feriana delegation.

فيديو: فريانه تدخل في حيط بالرصاص الحي #sidibouzid from tunisians on Vimeo. This video is also from Feriana , at the end of it you will see the protesters running when they heard the live ammunition being fired by the security forces.

فيديو: شهادات حول تخريب البوليس لمحلات الأهالي #sidibouzid #tunisie from tunisians on Vimeo. This video is from Sidi Bou Zid itself , the security forces destroyed shops and groceries as you can see.
Now the protests and the security backlash have moved to other governorates and cities like Jendouba governorate in the north “it is no longer the south”. There were protests in solidarity with Sidi Bou Zid in the city of Jendouba which is under heavy security siege. The security forces reportedly cut power from certain areas in the city.
Here is a video for a protest at a HQ of some union in the morning before things turn ugly.
Jendouba uprising
The protesters were chanting anti-regime slogans “Police state in the service of the El-Tarbalsia” in reference to the first lady’s family.
The delegation of Jebeniana in Sfax governorate in the east is currently witnessing another security siege , the power has been cut from the main road , all the cafes are forced to closed and there is a practical curfew in the town.
According to what I understand from tweets coming from Tunis , there are new internet restrictions imposed today in the country , last thing we have known that the our dear Tunisians can’t upload video files in to Facebook. There is about 2 million FB members in Tunisia , this could be a step before blocking the whole website. Currently there is long list of blocked websites in Tunisia : Vimeo, Flickr, YouTube,Blip.TV, dailymotion , appspot, Posterous, googlelabs,wordpress https and Facebook https. The Hash tag (#Tunisie) has become a top trend in France so I think Twitter will join that big list soon.
There is a new ministerial reshuffle in Tunisia where Ben Ali named 4 new ministers for the ministries of youth , trade and handicrafts, religious affairs and communications in a very poor attempt to calm down the Tunisian people.
This website in French attempts to gather all video files and protests from Tunisia especially in Sidi Bou Zid. I think it is useful just like Nawaat.  There is that tumblr blog with anti-Tunisian regime slogans , I think the Tunisians should have that blog on tumblr “FuckyeahBenali!!”
If the world does not care for Tunisia ,the Arab world does because today and tomorrow there are several meetings for activists and protesting stands planned in front of the Tunisian embassies in Beirut, Amman and Cairo.
Now aside from the unofficial support , Qaddafi ordered the borders to be opened with Tunisia and we do not understand why he has done this !! Yes the uprising is concentrated in the South but again I do not understand it , is he trying to save his friend by creating job opportunities in his own country for the unemployed in Tunisia !!?According to some unconfirmed sources from Tunisia young Tunisians mainly from the unemployed are flooding to Libya to get jobs there.
By the way Hend Sabry , the famous Tunisian actress who is currently living in Cairo with her husband is being under attack for her silence on twitter on what is happening in her home country. I will not defend her as she has got many fans to do so but Hend’s family still lives in Tunisia not in Egypt and I know she thinks about their safety before anything else. May be she is afraid to speak for fear that they will be harmed by the regime just like many Tunisians who are silent for fear of the backlash of that rotten dictatorship occupying their presidential palace. I know some are provoked by her silence but we must respect and consider the fact of human fear.
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  1. salamu 3alikoum,


    rabbi fadhlik okhty

  2. Good luck Tunisians. I strongly believe that any successful uprising in MENA would start a chain reaction and give hope to others.

  3. الئ كل التوانسة والعرب والمسالين المغتربين بمدينة نيويورك او قريبا منها... نود تنضيم مسيرة تضامنية مع تحركات بلادنا بعد غد بمناسبة نهاية السنة قرب التايم سكوايرابتداءا من الخامسة مساءا ....سيكون فيه اعداد كبيرة من الناس وهى فرصة للراي العام ليعرف عمق القضية... رجاء اجاو باعداد كبيرة...نحتاج الى لافتات...ومضخمات...ومن له امكانية طبع صور الوان حجم كبير...رجاء اكتبو لنا علئ ايمايل ....نعم ياخون اذا نجحنا في هذه المسيرة ..فان رحيل بنعلي سيكون محتوما...انه جريح ينزف...الا منكم رجال ليريحوه؟...الرجاء اعلام كل من تعرف والتوزيع بالمواقع الاخرى..


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