Egyptian Chronicles: #Aleppo is not alone under fire “+18 Graphic”

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#Aleppo is not alone under fire “+18 Graphic”

Location Dayr az Zawr Airport (DEZ), Dayr az-Zawr, Syria
As the world is watching carefully the on going battles taking place currently in Aleppo waiting to know if it is going to be the real Aleppo Liberation battle or not, civilians continue to be killed and slaughtered throughout Syria on a daily basis.
Despite Aleppo’s importance I feel that the world should pay attention to other cities in Syria.
The footage from Deir Ez Zor massacre committed from two days ago is horrible , we are speaking about corpses blown in to pieces including children’s corpses !! “Extremely graphic”

I do not know if El Assad regime is forcing the world to watch the on going battles in Aleppo in order to continue its crimes against Syrians in other towns and governorates or what exactly !!??
I do not care anymore about international politics , Jihadists, FSA, Kurdish parties, El Assad , Iran , Turkey to the end of this jazz when people are being slaughtered. I am tired of the fact that the world has been ignoring the human tragedy in Syria for nearly 14 months and is insisting on ignoring it !!
BY the way if foreign reporters want to enter Syria , they should contact The Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook Page , of course they should be extremely careful and cautious.  Interestingly enough that FB page is using the photo of late journalist Chris Hondros who was killed in Misrata , Libya last summer !!!!!!! So yes journalists should extra cautious !!


  1. Assad will not bow down to Western and Israeli terrorism and the Al Saud and Qatari bloodthirsty tyrants.

    Clearly Allah is on his side because he has survived this long against their terrorist scheming.

    Allah will not support the Jihadist suicide bombing Western backed terrorists.

    Allahu Akbar

  2. Allah would not support the killing of innocent people which the blood is on Assad. If Allah was on his side he wouldnt be hiding now.

  3. Assad like his father is a tyrant and mass murderer. What has kept him in power so far are the ruthless Russia and China but most and for all the Alawites who are oppressing the Sunni majority and the Christians, who have chosen the wrong side.

    May Allah punish Assad and his followers!

    1. I agree.. i think russia and china are afraid that their people will revolt also. thats why they veto'ed. the leader are all tyrants. i hope assad gets dragged through the streets like ghaddafi did.

  4. Deb , Phoenix Az.7/31/2012 08:00:00 PM

    There are no words, only tears.

    May they all now, RIP. Karma will take care of Assad in his time, the time of God and not our time.

  5. Assad is a HERO! He is the only one resisting Zionism, while the donkey Egyptians keep buying the zionist LIES


    Stand with ASSAD!! Stand against Zionism!

    1. ... and ashamed be you should! The Alawite sect - an offshoot of Shiite heretics to which Assad’s family belongs - are apostates and need to be fought and overthrown!

    2. @wad, Amen brother. At least there is someone here who knows the truth.

    3. My Dear, you are misinformed and are being lied to by the Western and you own media and the fake videos on Youtube and elsewhere. You need to read something like this and then do some more research before you speak about what's going on in Syria. With respect

  6. People like the Islamist above should be ashamed to call themselves muslim. Those rebels in Syria are CIA trained, Saudi/Qatari sponsored THUGS and you should be ashamed of supporting them in their terrorist activities.

    You and your friends are misinformed and as Wad says, you are donkeys. You believe everything that the CNN, Aljazeera and other mainstream Zionist controlled media tell you.

    Go read this and educate yourself:

  7. In the name of Allah The Most merciful and Most compassionate: Alawites are apostates and need to be purged. Praise to the Chadeem al-Haramein al-Sharifeen and the Amir of Qatar for their support of the forces of good in their fight against evil.
    Assad and all those who are his followers will burn in hell for their sins


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