Egyptian Chronicles: #Syria Revolts : A horror That #YouTube Could not tolerate !!

Monday, September 17, 2012

#Syria Revolts : A horror That #YouTube Could not tolerate !!

This is a scene you can imagine only in horror films , sadistic horror films you can see headless corpses of children and you think it does not happen that someone will cut a child in two half in real life. Unfortunately it does happen in real life, in Syria !! These graphic photos below after the break are from Idlib after the shelling of a helicopter in some village earlier today for a headless child who was wearing beautiful dress. “Extremely graphic”

YouTube removed the video which documents a war crime because of its terrible horrible content that violates their terms.

Here is the video in another channel , it seems that it was reported or spotted by YouTube censors yet !! It is extremely graphic.
Yesterday a little girl , a Christian girl from Harasta , Reef Dimshaq called Adele was killed by the snipers of El Assad after returning from church.

Despite as you can see the snipers and slayers of El Assad regime do not differentiate between Sunni or Christian ,I have to say the more Sunni kids are being slaughtered in cold blood , the more the future of minorities specifically the Shiite and Alwites will be in danger. The minorities have to take a stand now against El Assad otherwise we will have another Balkan scenario. You can hear it in the videos , El Assad played sectarianism perfectly !!
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  1. A poem from Mohja Kahf:

    Her legs plump in tights under a dainty skirt,
    —little girls are such fun for mothers to dress—
    she lies splayed on the floor,
    a mass of red flesh and nerves spilling from her neck.
    Four dead children and two dead adults crowd the video
    of a home in rubble from shelling by a regime bent
    on rooting out rebellion.
    I do. Not. Look. at the photo
    of the little girl decapitated,
    but she is there when I shut my eyes.
    I beg it to be a lie. Photoshopped by a liar
    who thinks lying helps the revolution.
    Then I am told that tonight, in Kafr Uwayed village,
    a father is rattling up one street and down another,
    shrieking, “Has anyone seen my daughter’s head?
    Have you seen her head? My little girl’s head, if anyone
    has seen it, if you find it, please, return her head to me.”
    It’s a tradition in Syrian villages, the shout
    in public places for lost children, one of the last freedoms
    of civic speech not erased in forty-nine years
    of absolute rule. Never before has it been used
    to find lost body parts of dead children.
    That we should live to hear such sentences.
    That we should live—
    Around the globe, the people talk of geopolitics.
    There are many talking heads,
    but none of them are the head we want, the one
    that should matter above all endgames. I want
    to live in that world, where the little girl’s head matters,
    matters more than movies, more than politics,
    more than religion, more than anything,
    where what is missing above that tangle of bloodied nerves,
    is the gap that stops every sentence, every gunshot, is unthinkable.
    Have you found the little girl’s head, have you shut
    your mouth and stopped your steps, to help,
    to bless, to hold in your heart at least one thought for its finding.
    Have you. Have you. Have you. Have you—

  2. Not only in Syria. I can remember seeing images of beheaded babies during Algerias civil war

  3. I can only wonder when it will all end. What will be the tipping point when someone says "enough is enough"? Have we become so cruel that even a life of a child has become meaningless?

  4. Such a travesty, man's inhumanity to man. It never seems to get better, only worse over time.

  5. When YouTube takes a video away, they call it "Shocking & Disgusting". Mankind needs to see "shocking & disgusting", because that is what mankind wroughts. :(

  6. One thing was interesting yesterday in the news.
    BBC World very senior reporter Lise Ducet reported from Damascus.
    For the first time we actually had an unbiased report from a Western media !

    The BBC reporter said live on TV in her interview that Damascus was almost totally quiet with only a little smoke rising from one area. This is in direct oppostion to what Al Jazeera and other media was saying and I have to say I believe Lise Ducet as she reported accurately on the Egyptian revolution etc and is well respected. She also showed video of the Syrians from yesterdays 'attack by Assad forces on the residential area that was on all the news channels condemning Assad. HER report showed the men of the destroyed building and this is what they were SAYING.
    "the rebels came to his area and put anti aircraft guns on the roof of the apartments they were living in. The residents fought the rebels and said their apartments would become targets if the army saw anti aircraft missile launchers on the roofs, the rebels fought the residents and put the missile launchers on the roofs of these peoples buildings, the result we all saw yesterday was the building were targeted!!!!! The men interviewed said that they would fight the rebels who are destroying their country and deliberately making civilians targets to get International sympathy!!!!!! The men there whose houses had been destroyed promised to fight these foreign rebels who are destroying Syria and after being against Assad are now united to support him now after seeing the rebels are making the people targets and the ones who do not support or allow them to use their apartments as bases and missile RPG launch sites are EXECUTED!!!!!! THIS IS FROM a very respected BBC reporter!!!!!!!

  7. This is what you get when you let government off the leach
    for to long.
    The alawites are asking to be exterminated.

  8. So you think that when people see shocking & disgusting events, that they will learn from them? no my friend wake up, mankind will never learn, mankind will learn no more from this than they did from WW1, WW2,Korea, Vietnam, The Middle Eastern wars the Balkans, Iraq, Libya or Syria or any other wars, during the last century the majority of killings were done to the civilians, this century will be worst, I feel ashamed.

  9. You're a moron, Assad does not kill Christians. He visits the monasteries every year, unlike in Egypt. The only ones murdering Christians are the takfiri gulf-sponsored rats, and this will not end until the wahabis stop, or someone makes them. May Assad slaughter them all.

  10. P.S. It is misinformation like this that is most dangerous, all over the Middle East, including Egypt. How's the MB now? Same scum.

  11. The same photograph has now been used to suggest that it was ISIL that just did this to Christian children.


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