Egyptian Chronicles: #EgyCartoons : And Mostafa Hussein Strikes again

Saturday, October 12, 2013

#EgyCartoons : And Mostafa Hussein Strikes again

In less than 48 hours Cartoonist Mostafa Hussein surprises us with another one of his masterpieces about General Abdel Fatah El Sisi.

Oh yes this was published this time in today’s issue of weekly Akhbar Al Youm.
The idea of that cartoon is famous Satirist writer Ahmed Ragab’s. The cartoon simply says that General Abdel Fatah El Sisi does not want to run for the presidency, but allegedly the people are carrying him to the throne of Egypt !!
So it is obvious that Hussein and Ragab want the general to run for the presidential elections.
Before I forget here is a collection of Hussein’s recent masterpieces :

Exhibit "A"
Exhibit "A" : Egypt as a transvestite that mothers whose got triplet “Army , police and people” that looks like that creature !!
Here you will find how he changed from 2011 to 2013 always taking the side of the regime.

Exhibit "B"
Exhbit "B" In 2011 the cartoon described the speech of Mubarak on February 1,2011 as the sun where as the protesters of Tahrir square as bats.
In 2012 the cartoons were speaking on how Morsi was facing lots of problems.
In 2013 the Sisi Man to the rescue.
Of course he got a series of other cartoons he always presents whenever there are clashes between the police and the protesters.
Exhibit "C"
Exhibit "C" : Here is one about the clashes at the ministry of interior. Vulgar ugly Egypt running after a protest carrying her slipper cursing him and saying that he deserved to be shot down !!
Also here is a cartoon mocking Egyptian famous footballer Abu Trika saying that his mind is corrupted because he is an Islamist.
Exhibit "D"
By the way,my last post about Hussein’s Sisi-man drew criticism from El Sisi’s supporters who believe that I should not mock about the man who brought back my freedom aka El Sisi otherwise I would be a Muslim brotherhood member who does not care about her freedom. Needless to say all of them are old in their 40s and 50s preaching me and other bad useless hippie Tahrir protesters who were trained in Serbia to have manners !! 
"I know what is best for you" by Andeel
Updated on 13/10
And Hussein continues his El Sisi for presidency's cartoon and I do not understand why he made Egypt says that she is waiting the "Pallot" box insteadof Ballot Box !!
Egypt is waiting for the "Pallot box" of presidential elections


  1. Thanks God, that there is still someone speaks with some sense of logic...many people of Egypt prefered to freeze thier minds and choosed the ready made decisiosn especially that if it matching a previous period of time that, the've been through (((abdul nasser time)) others blindly stopped realizing or definding the human right for who so ever was...thanks again

  2. I find the ruckus about Seesy's nominations quite childish. The presidency is not and was never the main issue or even the problem. There is an intellectual void that if not adequately filled will be consumed by power. That is the simple reality. The failure of the "educated" liberal caste to maneuver collectively throughout the past three years with any degree of maturity has practically handed over the reigns to the military. Instead if discussing strategies, principles and plans of action we squabble about men. Let me ask you this, would you have had any problem with the above caricature had it been Baradie not Seesy being carried over to the chair?

  3. Tahrir is Fascism!


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