Monday, March 6, 2006

Atwaar Bahgat " When Butterflies burn"

I got a confession , since my childhood I dreamt of being a journalist ,in fact till now my mom is keeping some of my home made newspapers I made when I was a child , I even called my newspaper "Duck News" just like in Duck Tales as they were my favorite cartoons and comics , anyway when the time of joining university came I had enough high score that can let me join the faculty of Media in Cairo University itself yet my grand dad stood against it , refused totally and ofcourse he was joined with my grand mother . They objected my wish to be a journalist because my grandfather who worked over 50 years in Journalism in Egypt and Arab World knew very well that It was a hard deadly job for anyone especially Women , Not because of social traditions no but because of lack of freedom and the existence of dictatorship , already my grandmother told me that they wouldn't mind if things in Egypt and the freedom of press were like the ones we had before the revolution,and so I went to study business administration.
Anyway I remember this after 4 years when the incident of women journalists were being sexually harassed over the stairs of the journalists syndication in Cairo in July 2005 ,I remember my grand mom saying me "well what do you think ? do you still want to work in this field in this country !?"
I remembered again all this when I heard about the death of Atwaar Bahgat last week.

Atwaar Bahgat a beautiful face from Iraq ,anyone who was following the news of Iraq in Al-Jazeera would remember it , Bahgat I believe was the first female correspondent in Iraq to wear the Islamic Veil even before Khadija Ban Kanah as my memory recalls.
Atwaar was half Sunni and half Shiia , and all her brothers and sisters are married from the different ethnic and religious groups in Iraq , She was only 29 years old , not married , married to her work .
Atwaar was born in Samaraah ,the holy Shiia city and she died there or in more precise words she was slayed there in the most cruel way.
I don't know really who killed her . The Word militant that is used day and night in media , is a mysterious word with endless meaning , who is considered a militant ??
The Coalition armies including the American and British Armies carry weapons so they are militant.
The New Iraqi Police "IP" was found to form a death squad to get revenge for old enemies are also can considered militant .
The resistance groups are also considered militants.
The badr and other shiia groups carry guns and weapons and so they are militant groups .
The definition of Militant in Oxford Dictionary :

adj... Prepared to take aggressive action in support of a cause

So you see it is a vague word !!
Anyway back to Bahgat
Bahgat is just like the women journalists over the stairs of the syndication in Egypt in July 2005 , ,she was just like Zahra El-Kadami in Iran , she was like Mai Shadiak in Lebanon
The example of a woman journalist who is seeking for truth for her country and her people yet some ,mostly in power don't like this.
Strangely and sadly Atwaar Bahgat didn't complete her month as a correspondent for Al-Arbya News Channel "Al-Jazeera's rival " when the greek or even in more appropriate word the abbasi Iraqi shiia tragedy happened " well if you read the Abbasi and Shiia history you will find alot of blood and agony"
Bahgat left El-Jazeera simply because the El-Jazeera office in Bagdad and Iraq was suspended from Work since two years or even more !!

It is a great thing what El-Jazeera did towards Atwaar , a real civilized away , making the ladies of News wore black , with promos with Bahgat's photo , this is the way it should be .
Now back again to the Samaraah tragedy that's what I am going to call it
I wonder where did the Arabian "I won't say the Islamic because what happens in Iraq is far away from the Islam ,this is not Islam at all " ethics go ? the famous code of protecting the women and the armeless !!
I wonder why they killed her ?
They killed her because they scared that she would expose them with her camera man to the whole world

You see : They are scared from exposure in front of the whole world ,that means they think they are doing a wrong thing not accepted by anyone even themselves ,whatever whoever are they , in Palestine all Militant groups are proud of their video death announcements because they think what they do is right even if the whole world doesn't agree with them ,but in Iraq ......!! sorry for this strange idea ,but my mind these days is thinking in strange ideas in a strange way
after all we live in a strange world where butterflies like Atwaar Bahgat got killed in the most brutal way while Lady bugs like Nirvana is paid thousands of pound every month for kissing the a** of the government and the regime
So what if I support the government !!-
Nirvana in an interview for El-Shabab{youth} magazine this month


  1. War brings out the worst in people, and its even worse for soldiers on both sides. The hell of war makes the soldier simply live day by day or even hour by hour. He avoids moral questions like why am I going to kill this person (in this case, you're talking about that journalist) because questions like these just don't make sense to him when he's dodging bullets. Instead the soldier tries to make up for the moral void he's experiencing by following the orders of his superiors and exhibiting good military discipline.
    That, coupled with his complete indoctrination by his superiors can convince him that anyone not following his given cause is not worthy of life and can, or must be killed without remorse. I'm not trying to justify the murder of the journalist, just clarifying that there are many forces at work here, and not all of them are arab/islamic.

  2. Zeinobia - What had happend for Atwar from my own point of view was a kind of revenge toward Atwar herself for her activity, as I'd mentioned this in my post tilted Handful of Hate few days ago.

    PS: She was 30 years old, not 26 as the news mentioned at frist.

    I pray to ALLAH (swt) to bless her soul and souls of innocent people who are being killed worldwide. Amen.

  3. @elmohandes , what's going in Iraq somehow is not like the description you mentioned ,despite it is partially right , but if you look it from another angle there is no excuse for the iraqis to be divided like this, as there are common enemies the invaders who want to steal the wealth of their country
    some Muslim Man indeed they wanted to kill her because of her activity as I said some just like to work in darkness and scared from light


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