Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hassan Nasrallah Slams Mubarak and Gombalt

Yesterday Shekih Hassan Nasrallah made a televised speech in El-Manar TV , already I saw it in Al-jazeera which cut an interview with my favourite singer Majida El-Roumi to broadcast the speech

I didn't blog about it yesterday because I was sick , like today's morning but now I will do so because it is important.

Hassan Nasrallah is tired , he should be , I don't know how many hours he sleeps aday but I will think it is less the human average which is 8 hours .

He began a Quranic verses about the Martyrs and their fate in Heaven which gave the impression with his sad serious facial expression that he was going to announce some sort of a military defeat but on the contrary he announced the victories he made on Golani Cohort, the top notch of the Israeli commandos .

The best parts I love was his usual direct messages ,which were more indirect messages to specific persons who were Mubarak and Walid Gombalt

To President Mubarak of Egypt:

We didn't ask from the Arab Rulers to fight with us or send their armies , and with God's will we won't

That's was in response for Mubarak's last week provoking statements in the press

To Walid Gombalt

This victory we achieved and will continue achieving inch Allah is dedicated to Lebanon first and to every person on this earth whether Muslim or Christian or what ever he is who believes in Justice is dedicated to

That was in response for Gombalt 's statements to British ITV on Friday where he asked

To whom Shekih Hassan Nasrallah will dedicate this victory ? To Lebanon or To Iran?

Well I believe in What Nasrallah said it is a victory to Lebanon and all the people who believe injustice , the real Justice in this bloody world

Of course the man promised the Israelis whether people or government with new bitter surprises

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