Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Please go to the Egyptian POWs.net immediately

Please if you understand Arabic ,I ask to go to visit the Egyptian POWs.net immediately , exactly the the film section and to be accurate just visit this new page in the film section

At last I found the very important Al-Jazeera documentary "Top Secret: The Way to Atlit" , this documentary can be a strong evidence itself as it includes the confessions of the Israelis whether from the historians and war veterans

It is in Arabic now but I am working on adding English subtitles to it

This is the first documentary about the Egyptian POWs and it was rarely aired after its first show time in Al-Jazeera


  1. I hate Quick time I hate it. it is the worest media player software on earth. All the videos are amputated. it takes forever to load. Those important documenery videos could be presented in a better technical way however I can tell that the videos are very interesting and important

  2. Doc, this is not quicktime as far as I know , it is flash but may be it takes alot of time to load because of its size
    I tried to upload it to youtube but I could not for some technical reasons

  3. whatever the program is, still horrible


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