Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : The Mahalla thugs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Follow Up : The Mahalla thugs.

I want to clarify something , it is my duty to do it ,it is about the Mahalla clashes of last week. Some people think that thugs that destroyed and stole the city were pushed by the activists and the MB ; this is regime media nonsense and I may use even other words to describe it but I am trying to keep this blog as clean as possible !!

Those thugs who destroyed shops and schools and stole the Gold shops and the computers from the Schools were the thugs of the NDP used in the elections season , based on many testimonies from the locals to the journalists who broke in to the security siege and visited the city . These guys came in trucks when the clashes started between the locals and the police to make things worse.

From another side it turned out that the anti-riots forces used living bolts that caused the death of the civilians in the clashes instead of the legal warning bolts that should be used in the riot cases.

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