Saturday, May 31, 2008

A drop of life you are wasting

In our holy Quran "Allah" SWT says

"We create from Water everything life."

All the experts are saying that we are heading towards a Water Crisis in the future , all the experts are saying that all the wars in the future especially in our regions will be not for oil or land or even Peace but for Water. It is something you can understand easily , water is the most important thing in life ,it is the essence of life .

But of course we do not listen to all these warnings , they are just newspapers talk . Here I am not talking about environmental issues but I am speaking about a national security issue in Egypt.

Last summer most Egyptians were shocked to know that there are other Egyptians in the valley who do not have access to Clean water , despite all the years of repetitive

"In the time of President "X" all Egyptians have access to clean water and electricity !!"

Those Egyptians do not have access to clean water where as a porto marina minority of Egyptians in the north Coast use water for their swimming pools and gardens !! I am not a communist or leftist and I do not have anything against the rich but before the government urbanized the north coast and provided with it infrastructure, it should have completed the infrastructure of the valley from Luxor to Alexandria !!

The access to the clean water was just the beginning.

Now we are suffering from a food crisis ,and our important basic food is in shortage ; the wheat which once upon time had a special national day we celebrate its harvest on. In the land of the Nile there is no enough Wheat to its people ; when we from thousands of years used to export to the whole Roman Empire now we imported it from countries like Canada, Sudan and Russia .This is at the same time we waste Le Jardan thousands of acres and water in building A Class compounds far away from the capital cities !!

What about desert reclamation ?? the only reclamation I see is for building compounds and Golf Courts !!?? Yeah Egyptians now are fond of golf !!?? All the villas are with big gardens and swimming pools !!??

Do you know that the water that is used to water one single Golf court can water thousand of wheat acres !!??

Do you know that already Ethiopia and Sudan are building new dams on the Nile ?? And Egypt always has a conflict with the rest of the indigo countries ??

We are blessed with the Nile but we are wasting it !! Shame on us , seriously shame on us , it is not about the government ,it is about the responsibility of the people , those who build multi million compounds in the desert build it because there is a huge demand on it.

Instead of wasting money and effort in the western desert reclamation , why we do not start with nearer areas in the desert roads in 6th of October. Instead of wasting water in luxurious stuff now , why we do not start to improve our infrastructure , do you know how many people are suffering from Kidneys failure in Egypt because unclean water in the Governates !!?? It is fearful number.

There is an Egyptian wise proverb that says :

What the house needs is banned from the Mosque

Some people disagree with that proverb but I think it is the best example in our case here .

Instead of wasting our most valuable resources on luxurious class , damac we need to concentrate on our majority needs.

Our water resources and wheat are from our national securities , all respectable countries plan for the future except us , we plan for the present , sorry we do not even plan to the present nor the past , I do not know what we are planning for or even if we plan in the first place !!??

The Native Americans were wise people when they said that we do not inherit the land from our ancestors but we borrow it from our children.

Alex Dream land

Photo source : Wael Abbas scan ads from Al Ahram daily newspaper last Friday , all these ads for new A Class compounds and even were published last week !!

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