Saturday, May 31, 2008

Follow Up : The Zaitoun massacre

It started to make headlines in international newspapers as the four Christians massacre in Egypt . With my all due respect, all those campaigns in the radical Christian blogs do not help at all because for the first time the Egyptian police take it seriously and does what it should do : Serious investigation.
For the first time, the police conduct a serious investigation and rolled out the possibility someone lunatic killed those people , I will not speak about the possibility of a terrorist act because it is not , it is a straight crime.
More details are published in the newspapers today especially Al Dostor . The details more and more prove that it was some kind of mafia , or a crime organization style murder.
You want the truth , can you handle the truth ?? as I hinted it is more about the Gold shop owner , the jeweller , late Mr.Makram , May God bless his soul ; it turned that he has another side we do not know just like any other person on this earth.
It turned out that he was usurer famous of his high interests , oh yes he was a Shylock !!?? This is one motive ,he surely had many people who hate him for this , still I do not think that what killed him.
The Police now is investigating through his usury records , but again the one who can afford to hire two to commit such crime in the middle of the day can pay his debts very well !!??
Now listen to more surprises Mr.Makram despite having his shop in a very modest populated area of Zeitoun used to visit frequently France and Italy and annually he spends the Summer in the United States , well as a Jeweller it would not strange , he may have relatives in the States , still I can't roll out the possibility of a blood diamond connection , the way he killed is a crime organization style .
Anyhow, forget this western imported theories let's hear something native ; it turned out that the victim was originally from Upper Egypt and he left it from 40 years ago because some conflict , also knowing the nature of Upper Egypt and the fact that its people do not give up their vendetta even after 100 years not 50 years , some Upper Egyptians do hire someone to do the dirty job ; there is possibility that it is a vendetta  "got some relatives in Upper Egypt from the big major families and so their culture is familiar to me"
Of course, there are some crazy conspiracy theories some said just for the hate the regime  that this massacre was orchestrated by the regime to justify the use of the emergency law , I am sorry they do not need that ;they already renewed it for another two years !!??
Look I think this is some kind crime organizational man , this man can be involved in some illegal diamond trafficking , this happens people believe me.
What do you think ?? let me hear your wild theories !!?? Let me see your inside CSI ??


  1. Dr.Amr Elsharkawy6/01/2008 02:45:00 AM

    What a magnifesent relieving sensation I felt when I read what you wrote today"saturday midnight" on your blog.I am not familiar with blogs and what are they about;COMPUTER IGNORANCE;but I definetly know that I have to thank you .I thought I am alone on this thinking channel but,thank God ,you are here...I just wish a little more company of other minds like you.

  2. @Dr.Amr, it is honour to me ,seriously I am blushing already , well there are others like me in the Egyptian blogsphere , just a little search and you will find them , we are not alone :)


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