Thursday, June 26, 2008

Against Torture

The European Commission is launching a campaign against torture . torture-poster-a2_en Already today marks the international day of Torture‘s victims and God knows how many they are in the Arab world from the Gulf to the Ocean.

In Egypt recently the torture incidents began to find its way to the media for the first time since very long time. Torture victims now began to speak more despite the fact that are still living under a regime that is proud of the infamous Nasserite heritage of torture . I will not lie if I say that Blogging and citizen Journalism helped a lot along with the civil society organizations.

According tot he Egyptian law Torture charges does not by seniority  still it is rarely applied.

The Emad El-Kabeer affair was just the start that gave us all hope that those sick people who torture others with no right what so ever can be punished regardless of how powerful they can be .

I followed here several torture cases like Emad El-Kebeer , Yahia from Siwa  and the Shaha Boy who is so lucky to have a mother like his , the poor maid who managed to make the D.A re-open the file again. Last February believe it or not a man was compensated by the court for being jailed and tortured during the Nasserite era , yes the Nasserite era, no one paid attention to this important and historical court order ,it passed in silent despite its significance. 

Unfortunately all the convicted and accused in these cases were 1_539956_1_23police force men , the same men who should protect us and obey the  law that prohibits torture. It is not only in Egypt again , it is a tragic thing that is happening across in the middle East that should be stopped . Believe it or not we may be luckier than countries like Syria or Morocco or Tunisia.

And Even if the EC is celebrating the day by launching a campaign like this we should not forget the secret roles played by the European Countries in having over the seas prisons , using outsourcing services of dictatorship regimes .

Of course I do not need to speak about the United States of 24:  Jack (Kiefer Sutherland, L) tries to get information from his brother Graham (Paul McCrane, R) in the America ,  Guantanamo bay prison is the best example , no you want to know what is the best example :  24 , the hit TV series 24 and the justified “from their point of view” overuse  for torture with no respect what so ever

Israel for sure had its old and stinky file of torture , no body cares to speak about ,may be because it is hidden beneath the continuous mass murder operations. It is not too hidden because what happened to the Arab prisoners especially our POWs with the horrible stories that reminds you with the time of the Nazis ,the only difference is that the Israelis were playing the Nazis role

I want to hint that in the month of June the beautiful Cinderella Soad T_beb52470-95e5-4c29-8a2d-d7154ef6a672Hosni of Egyptian and Arabic Cinema was killed in London and one of  her special roles in the Political film “The Karnak” based on Naguib  Mahfouz by the same name. This film beside showing the political view in the 1960s , the real during the Nasserite era ,it showed us how people can be destroyed from inside and how they need help.

Last thing this year I will not deny my wish that someone would compensate our Hero Mohammed Mahran from Port Said the 1956 Veteran for the torture he suffered from during his capture by the British forces during the Suez War . Picture-071

The British forces took off the eyes of Mahran while he was awake because he refused to cooperate with them against his country, they took his eyes to make totally blind.

This is a torture crime , this is a war crime that does not drop by seniority.

Mahran till now remembers the name of the doctor who tortured him , but he is refusing to be compensated because as a Muslim he believed it was a fate. Still it is not about the money but about the confession that a guilt , a crime took place.


  1. hi there,
    I rememmber that u wrote an old post about a magazine, "The Turath" magazine or something of that sort, that highlights vintage buildings and Egyptian architectural heritage...

    Is it going to hit the news stands any time soon?

  2. Man, you Egyptian puzzle westerners. For years, decades... well, centuries really, you excelled in all kinds of torture, and you seemed like the go-to guys (ok, along with the Syrians, the Israelies, and the Jordanians) to have our guys softened up. But now, even though we pour billions (literally billions) into your otherwise moribund economy, building your roads, paying for your hospitals and highways, cleaning up your environmental messes, you object to doing to the people we send you what you do to your own citizens for free... wtf?

  3. That is respectful for the victims on this International Day. Thanks for a comprehensive article.

  4. @anonymous, yes I remember this magazine , I do not know ,I did not see a new edition but i will ask

    @Nigel,the West should not be puzzled my dear outsourcing torture is not something the people not the regime accept, already the regime is wrong to accept these dirty deals , about the loans , well we do not want them if they are the price for this disgusting practice ,dear no one asked the Egyptian people about
    go and blame the regime

    @anonymous , thanks so much ,it is the least thing I can do in it day


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