Monday, June 30, 2008

Our ful now is entering the global phase at last

Our ful medammes , our very famous essential ful began to be international meal just like Moroccan Koskosy and Shami Humus.

The national dish for the Egyptian population is featured in the American apartment therapy ‘s Kitchn , and insh Allah tomorrow it will be feature in Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray . by the way my mom does not do ful like this .

Ful “beans” is from the real original Egyptian food in our cuisine.

By the way the holy month of Ramadan is after two months , Ful is from the official courses in it and there is no household in Egypt does not eat it daily in Ramadan, it is not only a breakfast for popular classes



  1. Mmmmmmmmmm !
    One of my favorite breakfast !
    But I only get the canned ones...seem quite easy to prepare though, but the ones I like look more like this picture than the ones in the recipe. Does your mother add concentrated tomato or something ?

  2. @Seg. Ful got different recipes , my mom put sometimes tomato but not too concentrated just to give some flavor
    you know sometimes I think that I should post some Egyptian recipes as part of the Egyptian Chronicles :)


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