Monday, June 30, 2008

Robert Mugabe and Mubarak ; More than a common factor

They are both Africans .

They are both ruling important countries.

They are both in their 80s , Mugabe is older than Mubarak , also he stayed in the rule more than Mubarak.

They are both dictators.

They are ready to be with the west or even against it despite the interest of their people as long as they assure the durability in their places as rulers.

The most important common factor that both men refuse to leave the throne till death !!?

So do you still surprsie why he was welcomed in the African Summit ??

By the way he shares the same qualities with Gaddafi and Omar Al Bashir



  1. hi blog hopping here form have nice blog...:D :D

  2. One down, one to go.....


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