Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thomas Friedman’s letter from Cairo

It seems that Cairo and its people will be the center of Thomas Friedman’s attention for a while as after his column that clearly did not have any effect on Obama , he continues to transfer the scene from Cairo. This time it is the economical scene , the dark scene of the riots and protests to get some few loaves of bread.
To tell you the truth Friedman did not execrate as usual in fact he summarized in the last two sentences what is happening in Egypt currently .

The good news: More Egyptians today can afford to live like Americans. The bad news: Even more Egyptians can’t even afford to live like Egyptians anymore. This is not good — not for them, not for us


  1. His article about Obama demonstrated his uncuravle stupidiy.

    Did he make like a survey or smething among caireens to know wgat they think about Obama.

    Trust me on this Obama it more dangerous since he is black of a Keynian origin will take out his inferioirty complexes on Arabs!!!!

    That Keynian said that he would visit Bhgdad and hold talks with the Iranian govenrment over there!!!!! What is worse he said that he is willing to negotiate with Iran- which in fact transliterates into sharing themeat of Iraqis between the two occupying vultures- Iran and the U.S

    Finally the black Keynian has declared Jerusalem as eternal captial of Israel and even suggested to move all American embassies int he Arab world over there........

    Hope that people here wil start using their minds a bit

  2. @anonymous , are you a Gaddafi Fan coz he is the one who started this stupid talk about inferiorty complex !!
    your racism gave me a strong hint about your name
    I will not even go in to another useless converstation

  3. Your stupidity is uncurable.

    Iam sure it pertains to your shador- wearing dirty mother.

    Do you think using your asshole or something??

    We are talking facts stupid!

    That is exactly what obama said.

    Kossomik and kossim Galal el-Din Al-Hamamsy

  4. @amr Pasha why are you cursing late Galal El-Din El-Hamamsy may Allah bless his soul !!??


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