Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Egyptian X-Files : Our POW in Israel

Officially we do not have any more POWs in Israel after the release of Haj Mahmoud El-Sawurka in the 1990s or at least this is what we have been told.

When Hezbollah announced its operation Radwan, it boasted and announced rapidly that Lebanon officially became the first Arab country  to close its POWs in Israel file. Lebanon officially is the first Arab country in the front that has no POWs in Israel no More.It is strange because I thought that we were the first country to close the file of the alive POWs file with Israel from a long time.

I am not speaking about the current Egyptians in the Israeli Prisons for criminal charges but for charges related to war.

I thought that this was another victory pride you know like Hezbollah’s claim was only Arab force that conquered and defeated Israel as if we were crossing the Suez Canal for pleasure in 1973 !!

But I think I am wrong. Samir Al-Kuntar came and with him astonishing information about not only forgotten Egyptian POW  but also a Saudi POW !!

You will find more info at the Egyptian POWs.Net ,I am trying to cover this important issue.

I want to say that no one is commenting on what Samir has said since two weeks ago. Not in any newspaper or magazine or TV channel as if he said nothing and that’s so so so strange.

Please if anyone has any info ,share it with me

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