Friday, August 1, 2008

King Ahmed Fouad II interview on Al-Arabiya : First impressions

It seems that Ricardo Karam decided to Celebrate the revolution by on his own way ,after all he found a treasure that can return him back to the screen as the queens and kings' TV host after the closure of MTV Lebanon. Last he made what I considered a hit when He managed for the first time to host the former King of Egypt Ahmed Fouad II to speak on TVn513011408_1097132_7529 about his memories. Karam's TV show is a two parts documentary, last night at midnight CLT ,the first part was aired ,the second part will be aired today also on midnight at Al-Arabiya TV Channel. It is worth to say that I boycotted this channel since the late clashes in Lebanon in May. In Brief the documentary is not saying a new thing for those who knew the story of King Farouk. Again he hosted Princess Farial , this time she spoke in French all the time. She was nervous.She described in details how she received the sad news of her father sudden death ,she seemed to be shaken after all those years.
Karam also hosted the former girl friend/mistress Irma Capece 3270703Minutolo. Irma despite what she had said is not a trusted source.Yes she spoke in the favour of the late King still she always changes her stories. Once she said that she had married Farouk.Once she said that she was engaged to him.Now to the main event and scoop of Karam Ahmed Fouad II for the first time on TV ,wow last night I had the chance to see the man who could have ruled us. The King who never ruled. First of all You must know that Ahmed Fouad II was treated for some time now.I think he looks like his Mom queen Nerman
He does not look like his father regardless of the body shape and tall ,well at least in my eyes.
Second Ahmed Fouad II spoke in French, he did not speak Arabic at all. Of course the supporters from the neo-royalists find this nothing and saying so what ?? He lived all his life abroad , Islam says that there is no difference between An Arab and Foreigner !! "I do not know what brought Islam to the equation ,already many of the neo-royalists are saying that Egypt was a great secular country, no MB" With my all respect to all what he suffered from ,he should have spoken Arabic or he did not appear at all.
I know that he can speak Arabic but can't write it . Yes he lived all his life abroad ,well others are just like him ,also he is not like any other , He is the king of Egypt even if he is not ruling ,he must know everything about Egypt from A to Z. Now it is an open invitation for those who want to attack him Some people wish that he come and rule again ,well clearly he does not want to rule because he did not bother to speak the language of the country. Forget about the Neo-royalists , the normal people in the street will feel that he is a foreigner. Stop beginning romantic ,tell me if Ahmed Fouad II were an American King and appeared on NBC in a exclusive interview and he spoke French ,what the Americans will say. I do not want to mention Shah Reza Palhavi II because the Iranians are too proud of their heritage and the fact that he is working all the time to return back to Iran.
Now all the Nasserites will attack him as foreign king and he should have known that. I will not guess what Mustafa Bakery will say in his show on Libyan Al-sa'aa This is my first side remark. The second side remark is about his personality. I feel that he was influenced by his dad personality. Strangely his dad was too influenced by his dad’s. Still Farouk played the role of strong man in front of his kids ,I wish he played this role from a long time in front of the people and before them the rest of his family.
It was very touching and also western when he spoke frankly about Queen-Nariman-with-Mr-Amin Fahimhis mother and how he did not forgive her easily for abandoning him as a child.To tell you the truth I think she made a terrible mistake ,still again Queen Nerman is another sad Royal story ,the girl who was raised to the 7th sky than left alone.She was like Farouk suffering from her mom.Again Ricardo spoke about the rumours that Farouk was killed. Well this is another story We Egyptians should speak about not some disgusting channel like Al-Arabiya to discuss to entertain the Arabs with our national history.Strangely Karam can’t speak about the history of coup that led by sons against their own fathers in the Gulf and the examples are so mannnnny…. Here is the first part of the show.I am sorry for the low quality ,I searched in the Youtube and I could n't find it , so I downloaded it from the facebook

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