Thursday, August 28, 2008

Abu Ghazla again !!

Al Dostor Weekly edition last Wednesday published a report about General Abd El-Halim Abu Ghazla,the former defense minister in timabu-ghazalae of Presidents Sadat and Mubarak. Abu Ghazla is considered by some in Egypt as Mubarak’s rival and that he is better than him and deserves to be our next President. The reasons for that are of the kind : He is religious , he is an an excellent Military leader , his wife wears the veil …etc.
The theories about his disgraceful resignation in the beginning of the  1990s  are : 1) that Mubarak got rid of him because of his popularity 2) that the Americans ordered Mubarak to get rid of him because he was improving the Egyptian army to the level that distributed the Israelis !! “The last point was not that true according to a relative who was in the army then and retired as a general in late 1990s”
When there are rumours about Mubarak health , his name always pumps after all you must understand we do not have much options especially many prefer man with military expertise to control the army of Egypt.
Still with my all respect he is not that great , if you do not believe that he was  a womaniser whether locally or internationally  ,then you must know that the name of that man’s name appeared repeatedly in international books from around the globe about his role in arms deals and it is not mention in a legal way but illegal way, Talaat Sadat was not lying when he referred indirectly and paid the price for it , it is more than you imagine. His arms business started when he was in Washington as our military attaché.
Again please do not tell me the Americans are claiming with my all respect stop this tune for your mind.
Look Al Dostor and Ibrahim Eissa adore to tease Mubarak every week , last week the headlines were “Gamal Mubarak is the worst enemy of his father” – well it is true—anyhow they intend to make these headlines to attack the people’s attention.
I hate when Young generations put hope on people they do not even know or live their days depending only upon the myths.
Egypt deserves better than Mubarak and Abu Ghazla

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