Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Because you are not men anymore, this is the reason

First of all I apologize in advance for posting this video but I have to , I have to comment about it after all I made this blog to express myself and not hide the truth ,not to be a silent devil.
I apologize because this particular video contains very nasty words in Arabic , I apologize because this particular video contains very bad insult against God , of course God is greatest and above all this. I apologize but I think I have to publish it to expose what is going on.I apologize that I am going to use bad language.
Wael Abbas received this shocking video filmed by a mobile phone in Giza at Faisal busy street in Al hram area. A Car crash , some car hit another car , it happens every day but unfortnately one of the car is owned by a daughter of Colonel in the Giza security Directorate !!
The woman started to threat the people with an electric shock stick , yes the electric shock stick used in the riots and do not ask why she has it , I do not think that it is protection from sexual harassment !! I mean there is difference between a self defense pepper and electric shock stick which is not available anymore for sale !!
Having an electric shock stick and threatening civilians with it are considered violation of law and bad use of position and this was just the start.
Then you got her bad mouth , she is too rude , more rude than you think , she does not respect anyone , she does not respect the manhood of the man in the other car “I wonder if the other car owner were woman ,what she would have said !!” . Seriously I could not believe my eyes that a woman would stand in the street like this and curses like that  , she is like a drunken sailor sorry like a cop in a police station in a popular vulgar area , I mean she kept throwing F-bombs* that even reached to God “God may forgive me” , Yes she cursed the Lord and no man acted like a man to stop her !! By the way all those insults  are against the laws too !!
The only reactions I heard were the weak rejection and denouncement of the public that were exactly like the pathetic rejection and denouncement of the Arab and Islamic countries , it is the same thing.
The only thing I heard was
God Forgive us , Are you a Muslim or an infidel ??
And she did not answer.
All those grown up men ,none of them acted as it should be , yeah I know she got a weapon but someone should have acted as man and stopped her as it should , she should have been slapped , some man real man who drunk milk from his mom’s tits* as she said in her Class Ho lecture !!
Do tell me that the other guy used the F-Bomb ,he used it when he found that bitch calling him names , he had to stand up ,of course he had to shut up because of her daddy !! Daddy’s little bitch called him to scare those bastard harassing her and her car in the mid of the day !!
Look again this ho could have been learnt a lesson , if there were a real man who had the guts to take from her this stick and put her in dirty mouth or in her ass or even paralyse her.
Seriously I am so so so angry .
This ho is from a real low background , a vulgar background ,just listen again to her voice ,this is not a ladies’ voice, man I feel so angry , I want to slap her
I publish this post because I hope that many people publish it and expose this A Class bitch and her daddy , already her is her car the black Chevrolet Optra number : 180707
I hope that the interior ministry  investigate in this incident and suspend her father regardless of his achievements that I doubt he has ,after he did not bring  his daughter up well !!
I feel angry with all that fake atmosphere of religion where as God is cursed like this and men are watching like this. Do not wonder why we become so frightened , where are the men ??
*Fuck You Bomb
**This is an original Egyptian expression used to express manhood and do not ask me why !!


  1. This happens when power comes in the hands of people coming from low backgrounds and low here spans a collection of lows in including manner, society, culture, finance, eduction...

    This woman, her father and probably her whole family represent a model of what has been happening in Egypt for the past 50-60 years.

    I hope somehow she finds out about her video on youtube and the comments on it. This will be quite a lesson for her, which she will study every day she gets online ;-)

  2. N. American Princess8/26/2008 06:22:00 AM

    Wow...that was just nasty..and she looks like a skank..digusting display of humanity and what it is capable of...it grossed me out..where is the man the raised this woman..if u can call him a man..

    Frankly I would say she is the daughter of a pimp or a drug dealer with her mannerisms and crude language and way. What the hell is that electric stick? I've never seen that? It's just crazy!

    Sorry Zeinobia...this is just sad...where is the Egypt of yesterday where manners and etiquette were the rule. THe Egypt of Um Kalsoum, Rushdie Abaza, Shoukry Sarhan, Faten Hamama...

    NO...She is so crude and rude and the men just stand there like cowards. This is why Arabs and Muslims are weak. Like you said religion is on the surface. Muslims should only fear Allah and not some stupid cow who may or may not be connected 2 some1.

    Such is the world we live in today. A world where few fear God.

  3. did you actually watch the video properly before rushing to put up another sensationalistic post?

    "Then you got her bad mouth , she is too rude , more rude than you think , she does not respect anyone , she does not respect the manhood of the man in the other car “I wonder if the other car owner were woman ,what she would have said !!”"

    First of all - he swore at her first. Second of all - if you notice the reaction of the people - they're all hypocrites like you. They don't bat an eyelid when he swears, but when she does it's a disaster. God you're all so brainwashed into stereotyping women.

    "and no man acted like a man to stop her" what exactly would you have recommended them do? beat the crap out of her cause she was swearing? Are you serious? what kind of woman are you that you advocate the abuse of other women no matter the situation. It's people like you that make Egyptians look like they're stuck in the stone age.

    "By the way all those insults are against the laws too !!" against which law? the law of the government that you are constantly deriding? once again, you're being a hypocrite.

    And when you swear and call her "Daddy’s little bitch" and a ho - how does that make you any different? What cause she was swearing in Arabic that's what makes it so bad? once again, you're being a hypocrite.

    I could go on and on showing just how ridiculous this post is. It's been said before on this blog but I have to reiterate it. You are such a bore.

  4. @anonymous , of course the nouveau riche my friend as you said she is a perfect example of how Egypt changed in every thing in the 60 years :(

    @N.American Princess,I am afraid this Egypt is only now in the movies , no more manners what so ever

    @Mr.diptychal, are you justifying her act to insult God in this way terrible way ?? or do not pay much attention to the words she said ??
    With my all respect I called her what I called her in this ridiculous because real ladies in such circumstance do not act like this totally and pardon my ego but when I find someone who insults and attacks like this man in case if he started ,we do not know yet then I will have not to go that low like him
    look I would not give damn if she fires back with his mom and his whole family ,it happens every where but to use an electric stick like this where an innocent man can be shocked and curses God like this then I do not have any sympathy for her in fact I will act her because this is not a ladies' act
    Thank God I am boring person for you

  5. Okay, there's something that doesn't add up right here. I'll try and put it down as far as I understand and please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong:

    You're offended by the woman in the video and the profanity, yet you still:
    1. Post the video on both your English & Arabic blogs
    2. Encourage others to do the same for 'exposure' purposes
    3. Dedicate two posts on your English blog for it

    Keeping in mind it offended you that much, it would make more sense to not want the 'profanity' to propagate further. If I were you I would've discussed without copying down what she said, and published enough information (license plate #) in case authorities feel like taking up the matter seriously.

    And honestly now: Did the vulgarity really surprise you? Ethics, morals & behavior are one thing. You can't really have one without the other. With nauseating levels of dishonesty, lying, and general unabashed lowliness being the norm on the street, it shouldn't be much of a surprise to you that such vulgarity / profanity exists.

    Sensationalism is one thing while reporting is another.

    My two cents.

  6. @Zeinobia, check your facts first.

  7. @diptychal, I totally disagree with your opinion about Zeinobia's blog. Egyptians look like they are stuck in the stone age because of people like you who hide their heads in the sand hoping their problems will go away.
    Reading your post, I can tell you are a person who likes to throw stones at successful people.
    By the way I just visited your website. Man it sucks seriously. May be you are envious of Zeinobia's courage, creativity,tenacity and dedication in bringing interesting and important topics to the English language reader.
    If Zeinobia is a bore, why you keep reading her posts??

    @Embee, We can't keep hiding our heads in the sand. We have to expose those people who destroy our culture and society by their irresponsible and disgusting behaviors.

  8. @Hazem - how is what I said in any way related to burying my head in the sand? You know nothing about me or my opinion on Egypt. And if you read my comment again more closely you will see that it was a direct reaction to Zeinobia's post and not to the actual video itself. I formed my opinion about Zeinobia's attitude after having read the posts on this blog. You formed your opinion on mine after reading one comment I made - one reaction to one topic. Hazem, maybe you ought to take those blinkers off so you can take a better look around.

    As for my opinion on this blog - I'm entitled to it, just like you are to yours. I don't agree with one word you said about it. If someone is going to put their thoughts in a public forum they have to face the fact that not everyone is going to agree with them, and not everyone is going to like the way they write. You can't please everyone. And you may think that this blog is just so incredibly brilliant, but personally when I read something that I find enjoyable, it has to at least meet the criteria of being grammatically correct.

  9. Diptychal had a very perceptive analysis...it was a minor traffic accident, emotions were high, and my gf has had much worse from Cairo cabdrivers, or walking down the street with all the lewd comments...and Hazem, you are the one who sucks! Big time!

  10. yesterday, I just read the text, today I wached the vidieo and i feal voice less, yes i'm chocked. Poor Egypt, this girl should have been punished. but may be se have been raised with pigs.I feel sorry for what egyptians has become. AsYou said,these are the consequences of 60 years of decadence. I hope Egypte will wake up one day, and I hope i'ts not too late.
    Nabil Gohary

  11. @Embee, how can I write something and describe how awful it is like this without showing the video , by the way I showed here even more shocking videos like the Shaha boy , believe me I thought twice before posting it but I posted in my both blogs because that behaviour should be stopped
    I am not a professional reporter , I am a citizen in the end despite the fact this video began to find its way to the press starting from e-press.
    @Hazem, thank you for defending me ,it means too much to me :)

    @diptychal, I respect your opinion but I refuse your accusation to me

    @Anonymous , I think there is something called respect of other opinions ,you do not have the right to insult Mr.Hazem like this , about the accident , well it is minor accident but it turned to a big ugly scene ,someone could have been hurt by this stick ,someone who is innocent.

    @Mr.Al-Gohary , welcome again sir ,I am very happy to see your comment Egypt insh Allah will wake up from reading history I know this country and land faced even tougher days ,it is never too late my dear sir :)

  12. @JPierre, what facts dear ??

  13. @Zeinobia the facts on your post.

  14. I'm sorry, but we have to disagree. Is your definition of a real man someone who would attack a woman like this and risk going to jail for what ? She's not worth it. Also I don't think her father is at fault colonel or not. She is not a child. She is an adult woman and an adult (man or woman) has to take the full responsibility for their own actions.

  15. This is one case of bad behavior spread in our life &streets . yesterday there was a simple mn crashed by a kids of big policeman
    others died in the police station &anther hited by apolice officer so it,s not only the police behavior but also the others in our communty .so do,nt plame the police but we hve to blame our selfs as all so we needto assest our deep principles of our religion . if we do,nt find asolutins for all our,s bad behavior sy (aina alsalam )if you talked to any persons you will listen to principles and our internal sipirit is not good &he will hate the communty behavior &if he siting alone he will do avery bad behavior
    i9 hop i wish every thig will be change &but it will not happen if we dont sticked our religion

  16. number one:- the girl is totaly wrong to degrade herself by taking the stick out

    2- the girl is totaly wrong for mentioning god's name in her mouth she could have replied to him by the same thing he said exactly or just keep it in her self and do the right thing and call daddy,

    3- The guy is also wrong for swearing at her in front of all these people he deserved being called names and swore at infont of the crowd. but not the god thing

    4- last this is to diptychal what do you think of the girl? and her attitude u kept ditching at zeinobia but u said nothing about the girl i would really like to hear ur opinion on the issue itself?


  17. Dear Zenobia,
    With young people like you I amshure you will succeed to do what my generation couldn't do. i admire your energy you seem to be every where. keep going and don't lissent to the passive critics, you are on the right lane
    Nabil Gohary

  18. ألى شباب مصر
    لا أدرى ماذا حدث لشباب مصر، على كده الجيل بتاعي كانوا ملايكة ، و الحق يقال البنت اللي في الفيديو شكلها إجرام و يبدو مع الأسف الشديد إنها صايعة ملهاش أهل ولا داعي للمناقشات البيزنطية و السلام
    نبيل الجوهري

  19. @Hani, who gave her that stick ?? was not her daddy ?? whom she called asking to send her an officer to teach that boy a lesson ??
    My dear friend you do not know Egypt those spoiled examples , they all feel important and powerful because of their parents , they do not know the meaning of responsibility
    about the manhood, she is not worth it but I feel angry when all those men standing and she acts like ,in fact in her dialogue she insulted the manhood of the other driver
    She would not dare to open her mouth if she had not had this weapon in her hand

    @anonymous , surely we got part of the responsibility still I must blame the police because they suppose to maintain the order of the society not to be against the people

    @anonymous , according to Al Masry al Youm that interview the witnesses the man did not swear at her because he was his fiancee

    @Nabil Gohary , my dear sir we are the extension of your generation and what it wanted to achieve is the same thing we want to achieve
    thank you again my dear sir ,your words are honor to me :)

  20. @ALL: i dont know how some poeple defend this girl behavior.. what ever the guy did she can never threat his life this way...

    to me: it doesnt indicate only bad behvaior. but it indicates also childish behavior.. she was obssessed with her things.. and so she was somekind searching for any chance to show them to others and say "HEY ppl look at what i have"?!!!
    although the situation was calming down, she insisted to show her pistol!!!

    as a kid who brings out his toyes when visitors come home:O))

    these divices are ONLY for self defence against being roped, rapped, or killed. and non of these cases were here.. so she is -according to low- guilty and must be suit.

    moreover these devices are illigal in the first place

    so i dont really understand what that "diptychal" is talking about...!!!!!

    Give some respect to our irritated emotions from such behaviors..

    and yes no decent Girl would never ever say these words unless she is really "bitch".. or acting like a bitch in her personal life

    if you are justifying her, then i think you justifying yourself as you most probably own the same illigal items and have similar connections as her !!!

    @Zanobia: i have to say you can NOT blame those men, they were afraid over their lives (as the guy himself) and no one of them is trained enough to face an electric stick with bare-hands.

    if your brother was beside you, you would never let him deal with her.

    the responsibility here was on the police not the poeple who didnt show up in such down-town crowded street.

    after all: she is not a girl in the first place and i dont think she could ever find any kind of real happiness.. only forcing others to smile at her because of that stick..

    how would a man propose to her after this video? :O))

  21. Crap I just saw this now :o


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