Thursday, August 21, 2008

Egyptian X-Files : The Shura Council fire

Who burned the Shura Council in Egypt ? or who caused this huge fire that destroyed the 150 years building in Down town Cairo ?? Why P190808_19.39[02]was the fire too big that it seemed uncontrolled ??

Questions  in democratic countries  are not usually answered in the first 24 hours without fully transparent investigation but because we are in Egypt these questions were already answered and the Shura building was  on fire !!!

The first people who answered  these questions were the officials and the fire was still there when Safwat Al Sheriff ,the speaker of the Shura council and Fathy Sorror ,the speaker of the parliament appeared on all the TV channels screens saying that :

  • The Fire was caused by electricity !!
  • It was under control !!
  • It was not a terrorist act.

These were classical governmental statements people learnt by heart and know that when they are used ,the official is lying right away , it is a long experience. Added to it the two men were saying that the fire was under control for hours while it did not stop.

The people believed that it was not a terrorist act but it reminded them with the old Egyptian X-File of the grand Cairo Fire of 1952 “I know I mention it a lot but I just can’t ignore the similarities” and that brought hope of coming change , do not forget the grand Cairo fire of 1952 happened in January followed by the revolution or the coup in July and the monarchy was over , many people especially the intellectuals and political thinkers whether from inside or outside believe Egypt is living the Pre-1952 days more than ever and things are moving towards a revolution.

Anyhow back to our fire.

The day was not over yet and the Conspiracy theories started in the Internet  enforced by the statement of the official.

The officials said that the third floor where the fire had started in and completely destroyed ,was the floor of documentation !! Of course Sorror Calmed the public saying that there was a backup despite he did not say where exactly. The fact that it started in the documentation and files section in the summer reminded people with the inventories fire season ,when fires spread in the factories in inventories and documentation departments so corruption would not be discovered. 
And so some believed that that fire was a cover for another thing , the regime did not want the public to know. These files were destroyed of course .Other said that some files were taken.This assumption or theory was fed  by the stupid order to Censor today’s Badeel second edition !! The facts that the leftist independent newspaper chose certain important explosive files including the files of the Ferry Salam 98, the contaminated blood  and the Carcinogenic pesticides “Where all the accused were VIP NDP members” to be among the presumed destroyed files in the fire and  and that the security experts they shortly interviewed about the accident agreed  that there should be someone behind it were like more fuel on the fire.  Still I do not think that a fire in that size was to get rid of these files , for God sake already these files are almost closed ,not to mention they could be taken with no questions by  higher orders !! All these cases were ended with innocence to its NDPians why they need them now to be destroyed !!??

The public do not buy that official story and the official parties at last understand this , they changed the tune today , it is not the electricity anymore , there is still an investigation. Of course they hinted that there were restoration works in the third floor of the building including paintings , paints are flammable substance , it is hot nowadays , the building is too old and made of wood and the workers just had left the building 14 minutes before the fire , search for a cigarette !!

Nice possible scenario but the problem it would not be that big and continue for more than 5 hours !!!

Many people believe there is something as I said behind from the size of the fire  just to prove what they are saying ,look to the photos below.

7areeq2 barlaman

Can a cigarette do all this ??

General Fouad Alam , one of the founders of the State security who retired from the business and became a terrorism expert told both Al Jazeera and Al Badeel that there must be someone behind and that he believed there was some kind of flammable substances  used in that fire more than paints.

It is not about who but also about why , the Shura building is the third important building after the Presidential palace and the Parliament , in fact it is beside the later ,this should not happen, there should be last maximum security measures from all kinds , it is clearly there was not any kind of building security against fire , yes the 150 years old building was under restoration works but it seems that one give a damn to protect it against the dangerous of the fire.

The officials yesterday kept repeating the words “It was an old building ,it was an old building” so what look to the senate houses across Europe , that are much older ,ok leave Europe , we did not take the security and fire alarm system installed in the AUC right across the street !!

back to the conspiracy theories I found today in the net.

One funny man accused Mubarak of causing this fire to divert the public attention from Hisham Talaat Mustafa case !!

Other referred that some lady was angry from Safwat El-Sherif in reference to his past in the infamous intelligence moral scandal !!

I wish we know why and how this historical beautiful building was burned like , I hope it won’t turn in to another Egyptian X-File ,we got many already


  1. :D

    مش عارف الكلام والنظريات زيادة اوي ف الموضوع ده، لكلل الحق انه يتساءل بس بشكل عقلاني يعني، يعني ولا هو جاي فوكس المقنع جاي يدي رسالة، ولا هو التغيير الثوري اللي لحق بحريق القاهرة، ولا هي الملفات اللي بيقولوا عاوزين يحرقوها.. يولعوا ف وسط العاصمة عشان يحرقوا شوية ورق صاحبهم اتبرأ والناس دمها راح خلاص، هو من امته نظامنا معودنا انه بيحترم عقولنا اوي كده وبيحترم مش عارف ايه تاني فينا عشان لو عاوز يحرق ورق قضية او قضايا يحرق مباني كاملة ف وسط البلد وخلته قدام العالم كله نظام عاجز عن انه يطفي حريق،، البلد طول الوقت بتتسرق والملفات بتتقفل غصبا عن الكل ، اشمعنا النهارده النظام بقى حساس اوي معانا يعني.. دي نظرية بعيدة اوي بظني

    وبعدين مش بعيد يعني سيجارة تعمل كده.. طب اقولك، مش لازم سيجارة، خليها مثلا تيار كهربي ولع وعمل ماس مع الجو والحر والكلام ده، طب انبوبة ف البوفيه ضربت وظبطت المكان ولا الجماعه شغالين بانابيب غاز طبيعي، يمكن، وانا هناك سمعت ناس بتقول اصله التكييفات بتولع الحريق اكتر، معرفش ازاي بس يمكن يكون صح..

    واصلا بغض النظر عن سبب الحريق اللي عمل كل ده.. فالحريق حصل، والتحقيق بيقولوا مستمر والافلام هتطلع علينا كمان كام يوم ولا كام اسبوع.. ايا كانت الخسارة فالموضوع خلاص شبه انتهى الا من شوية كدب على جهل مسؤولين ولجان تحقيق يمكن على كلام صحافة متعودين عليه قبل وبعد الحريق وانتهى الامر

    ويبقوا يبنوا واحد جديد بقى.. هههه وقال طيارة قال،، زي مقلت انا برجح صاروخ، اصله المبنى للي كان هناك فكرني اوي بشكل البنتاجون يوم الثلاثاء الاسود وللمفارقة ف اليوم ده بليل لقيت انه اليوم كان التلات وكان اسود بردو

  2. @Ghafari,بالفعل انا مش مقتنعة بحكاية الملفات او الطايرة و لكن السجاير و التيار الكهربائى.. مش لدرجة
    او لا تم تنفيد حكاية التيار الكهربائى عن طريق مصلحة الكهرباء
    حكاية السجاير و البويات ممكن و لكن اتساع الحريق بالشكل و القوة دى هو اللى بيساعد على نشر الشائعات
    عالفكرة فى ناس شبهت اليوم ده ب 11 ستمبر


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