Monday, August 18, 2008

The first woman free jumping parachutist in Egypt

This  definitely should be mentioned because it is a historical thing , some day Egyptians will remember it proudly.

The first female free jumping parachutist in the Egyptian army.

Last month of July during the graduation of 2007/2008 Class from the 1216668612 war school , the Egyptian army surprised everyone including the President with Paratroopers show , it was not the first in these graduationa but it was the first to include a woman ,oh yes among the paratroopers who presented a daring Parachute show in the air was a woman

Lt. nurse Rehab Abdel Halim Mahmoud was the first woman to participate in that annual daring show . Rehab received the first medal of military duty for her performance . I do not understand much in these terminology.

I know that her parachute is a ram air type

Already I must say that all the women in the army who are part of the medical nursing section take a course in parachute jumping.still Rehab is the first to practice free Jumping style and participate in these dangerous shows.

I think they should women participate more in the Egyptian army , during the days of Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” women used to hold sword and fight side by side beside the men. I wish that the day will come and we will find some women airfighters for example.


  1. u r repeating old news from last year

  2. Mabrouk! My daughter, who graduated from Cairo American College, has a daughter older than you.She started jumping from airplanes when she joined the Army long ago and now she is a nurse and a Colonel. I hope that Egypt will continue to expand the role of women in all aspects of society but I must say that it was never as restricted as many other countries I have lived in.

  3. @anonymous , no dear it is from last month , not from last year

    @Mr.Smith,Allah Yabarak Feek :)You are surely proud of daughter and you should be , I share the same hope like you ,and truly we were never restricted and hopefully this will be a good start :)


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