Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Highlighted comments

These comments you should read carefully
First of All Didi Anadarama of Ananada Marga has left a comment on my post about the Egyptian Hindus and as some one who respect the
other’s opinion , unlike Al Masry Al Youm that did not publish the comment of the group in Egypt regarding what Al-Gamal had written. Didi Anadarama denies the allegations of spreading Hinduism through Yoga.
In my opinion the solution is simple , clear investigation with the journalist ,his sources and the group to know the truth with my all respect to all the parties involved.
Second that comment is in Arabic and unfortunately I do not dare to translate , not because it is too long but let’s just it is too imaginative yet it can be true and bring me trouble , a tabloid comment from an anonymous commenter that proves what I am saying that the murder of Suzan Tamim can inspire authors to write down novels like L.A Confidential and Black Dahlia , in fact I call Suzan Tamim now : The Red Dahlia.

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