Sunday, August 17, 2008

I hate Sushi

Many types of sushi ready to eat.

Yes I hate Sushi , with my all respect to the Japanese people and the Japanese Cuisine and lately I feel that Sushi is starting to invade Egypt , it is the new fashion, the new mania , the new black as they say it.

It is the new trend now in Egypt to open Sushi restaurants and to read Sushi recipes in lifestyle high society magazines !!

In Mohendessin I noticed that many Sushi restaurants opened lately , there is one in Aswan Square ,there used to be  one beside Al Omda restaurants also in Aswan Square , there is also Makani restaurant in Wadi El-Nil Street that presents Sushi and of course I should not forget the new addition of Americana restaurants : Fusion !! Of course these restaurants represent other Asian dishes beside  Sushi , but again Sushi is the main attraction here.

I ate Sushi once and till now I do not know what is great about it , I like Chinese and Japanese food and I do not hate to try other countries' food still I do not understand all that fascination with Sushi !! I mean I even read that in the wedding of GM they presented Sushi !!??

May be it is a fad.

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  1. I don't think it's a fad, sushi is awesome. But it does take a while to get used to. In addition to the fact that it's really healthy.

    We as Arabs are used to overcooking our meats, so our gag reflux for raw fish is really high (although it's not entirely raw)

    Give yourself some time, and see, it will grow on you too and you will start craving it too :)

  2. why should the whole world knows it

  3. Sushi is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. I think the main reason you hate sushi is that it was "served" in Gamal Mubarak's wedding.

    Oh, and fusion is not a new addition. It's been there for the past 6 years. Remember to get your facts straight before clicking publish.

  4. @Zeinobia, you are missing a lot. Sushi is one of my favorite food. May be you did not have a good luck with that particular restaurant you ate at. I hope Egypt's sushi restaurants are using real sushi chefs and not pseudo ones. A japanese sushi chef told me once that it takes at least 6 months to learn all sushi secrets.

    @Quaider, Sushi is rice made with some unique ingredients and not a raw fish. Raw fish is called Sashimi. And yes it's raw and not cooked or semi cooked. The seceret in preparing raw fish is that the fish meat has to be frozen first to kill all and any infestation then the meat is stored in sushi cooler.

  5. @Qwaider,I do not to know or try new stuff especially in food , even raw fish , unlike my grandma for example , you know I hate more how it became the fashion of the time , you wanna be cool ,eat Sushi,it is not fad abroad but fad in Egypt

    @Anonymous , because I want the whole world to know and because it is my blog if you do not notice :P

    @JPierre , no really I began to hate it when Mona Amaar started to cook it in her show actually
    Fusion may be old in Maadi but it is new in Mohendessin ;)

    @Hazem , may be it is the restaurant who knows but still I do not like this rush behind it

  6. It is definitely the restaurant and the coock. F.Y.I many Japanese don't like to eat Sushi abroad. The key factor is quality of the rice and the way it is cooked. You know for Japanese rice is like wine to the French.
    Another peace of info. andyou can check it out, Japanese girls credit the quality of their soft dark hair to the seaweed of Sushi (it is loaded with iodine)..

  7. @Ohio ,another thing makes me hate Sushi is Rice , I am not that fond with rice in the first place

  8. I love sushi and can make it myself. but here in egypt i am finding it difficult to find the ingredients i need. anyone have any idea where to buy the nori, rice vinegar and raw salmon/tuna?



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