Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Interviewing his ex will prove nothing

The Nasserites are so so so angry from Ahmed Fouad II because he accused Nasser of Killing his father King Farouk in 1965 in his interview with Lebanese Ricardo Karm “This is Ahmed Fouad”.
Huge attack reaching to the level that Youssef El-Ka’ ed wrote a whole page in the weekly edition of Al Dostor this week attacking Walking behind his dad's coffinFouad II  and trying to prove he was wrong through the following testimonies : The man who was accused to kill his father former Cairo’s governor “Baghdady”,Heikel,the last interior minister of Egypt “Mortagy” who is not considered a reliable source at all and others including Dr.Latifa Salem, who believes that the death of Farouk was enigmatic
Now Ahmed Mislmani who heads the new historians movement jumped on the wagon and started his attack on Fouad II. Mislmani presents daily successful news show on Dream TV 2 “The first edition” about the news and the newspapers in Egypt. Lately he was in a trip to Paris where he made several interesting interviews including an interview with Dominique France Picard  aka Fadila ,the ex-wife of his Fouad II and the mother of his off spring.
Anyone who knows and follows the news of the Egyptian Royal family very well ,will tell you that the divorce of the last king of Egypt from that woman was so bad to the level that she took everything from him.He entered the hospital because of her. Princess Farial said that the one thing she wished to happen if she had had another second life was to stop her brother from marrying that woman !!
Al-Mislmani is calling her Queen Fadila , well she is not a queen anymore and I think according to the Royal Egyptian laws which were put down by King Fouad I ,Foreign ladies do not have the right to be Queens .King Ahmed Fouad II family
In fact I think it is not that nice , if he is with the modern historians movements and the correction of our history without any bias why he did not go and try to host Fouad II.
The preview I saw Dominique spoke about her husband fear from Nasser , which I found something logic , in fact regular people feared Nasser in Egypt ,what about a Young King in the exile ??
The interview will be aired soon , may be tomorrow ,I do not know may be in Ramadan
Already I do not know what this interview will prove !!?? She can’t attack him.
I forgot to say that Al-Mislmani is a hardcore Nasserite , he hosted the youngest sons of Nasser ,Abd El-Hakim and asked him about Egypt pre-1952 where Abd El-Hakim was 5 years old , of course  Abd El-Hakim who is being accused frequently in financial scandals repeated his father propaganda lying machine !!
Also Al-Mislmani is fan of Abu-Ghazala by the way :(

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