Friday, August 8, 2008

Is not this an internal affair of Mauritania ??

A coup happened on Wednesday in Mauritania and it shocked us in the Arab World and surprised the whole world despite for those who followed the political issues in Mauritania will tell you that there was huge political crisis ended by a great number of resignations from the Parliament from the ruling party itself.

Now the United States of America is against the military coup and it demands the leaders of the coup to back off and release President “Ould Chiekh Abdallahi” immediately to return back to his office otherwise Mauritania will face sanctions !! It already suspended all the non humanitarian aids to the country.

It is worth to say that France did not reject the coup.In fact some are saying that France knew about the coup before it happened for 2 hours but it did warn the President then because it wanted to get rid of him. AFP was the first to announce the news of the Coup even before AL Jazeera .Of course the reasons in their point of view are that : Abdallahi was coming close to the Islamists and he was not that happy with his country’s solid relations with Israel !! Yes for nationalist and religious reasons ,still the second reason contradicts with the American strong refusal to the coup and its leader. May be of course America does not want France to regain its power in this part of the world. Again we are speaking about politics nothing is solid in it

On the other hand in Pakistan , the ruling Coalition began to take steps to impeach Pervez Musharraf . Strangely the U.S administration said that the matter  did not concern it and that’s internal affair of the Pakistanis!!

With my all respect I am not related by near or far to the Coup in Mauritania or its leaders nor I am related to anyone Pakistan but is not the coup also a matter of internal affairs of Mauritania !!??

What is happening in Pakistan is so simple and I know for sure that it scares our man in Cairo so much,after being officially a Puppet for the U.S Administration in the last 5 years , the Americans do not want Musharraf anymore , they do not need him anymore.

Mauritania despite all our great hopes in the Arab world and pride with its democratic daring move and experience was facing terrible political crisis and no one cared to go and see what its problem was like in Lebanon or Palestine , no one cared to invite them to Doha or to Cairo. The Arab League acted as usual as it did not exist !!

This is our problem , we do not know much about that faraway Arab country in the west despite we should .

To tell you the truth I began to feel that there was something wrong in Mauritania when I found a blog attacking Cheikh Abdallahi and his wife , accusing them of corruption and dictatorship , I was stunned at first but I said it is logic to find for the man an opposition,it is a healthy thing.

The coup by the way was led by the former head of presidential guard Mohamed Ould Abd El-Aziz or Mohamd Abd El-Aziz “Ould means son”82195151

Here is his photo with Abdallahi in the old good times .

Now Mauritania is ruled by a high council of state, yeah a military  junta council.This council consists of 11 members.

The head of the Council is Abd El-Aziz.

Here are the rest of the names

  • General Mohamed ould Cheikh Mohamed Ahmed
  • General Felix Negré
  • Colonel Ahmed Ould Bekrine 82203943
  • Colonel Mohamed ould Cheikh Ould El Hadi
  • Colonel Ghoulam ould Mahmoud
  • Colonel Mohamed Ould Meguet
  • Colonel Mohamed ould Mohamed Znagui
  • Colonel Dia Adama Oumar
  • Colonel Hanena Ould Sidi
  • Colonel Ahmedou Bemba Ould Baye

Abd El-Aziz promised that there would be a transparent free elections in the nearest time with the consult of all parties and powers in the country. Of course they assured that the council respect all the international agreements and treaties the Previous regimes signed.

In the end we are still watching what is happening , of course I feel that it is Our Mistake that we are not involved in Mauritania as it should at least like France and U.S.

A question I am trying to find an answer for is : What has Mauritania got from resources that make it so special to France and America ??

Iron Ore. may be. Oil !! It was recently discovered but it did not make from Mauritania another Algeria or Nigeria !!

If you have an answer to this question , please share it with me and my readers.

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