Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It is not matter of Sexism

When we speak and expose in our blogs the police torture scandals and brutality in their treatments to their fellow citizens, we do not do it because they are just men. I remember that Wael Abbas published several video clips where the women were victims to Police brutality regardless of who they were , till now I got three cases or video clips in my mind who they are still totally anonymous for us including a clip presumed to be for a prostitute.

We spread the videos in our blogs locally and internationally exposing the police and the interior ministry for the sake of justice  and no one said that we were sexist , biased against specific sex which is the men.

I publish them because of my belief that this was wrong and should be stopped regardless of who was the victim a female or male, rich or poor , Muslim or not or even an Egyptian.It is wrong behaviour in my point of view I wanted to express it in my blog in my space.

For the same reason I attacked the colonel’s daughter because of her disgraceful behaviour and called her names I do not say like that in the real life , this is like my cyber vent to me, may be I am wrong but God Know how I was so so angry when I saw that video.

I attacked this woman because of two reasons : 1) Cursing God like that and 2) For using a weapon like that .

I do not care that she is a girl or she wears short skirt, I got a skirt like hers I swear but I attacked like when I attack other police officers and other men who do wrong stuff in this country.

Now I found myself accused to be advocate the abuse of other women no matter the situation because I acted in an Egyptian Original way wondering where the men in this clip from cursing God and threatening people with a weapon like that ??

What situation , were they harassing her ?? I do not care what the other man in his car said because I was  taught that REAL LADIES do not answer back in that way and believe me as a young lady in Cairo from time to time I find myself in situations where others  from drivers and taxi drivers are very rude ,still I do not go that low.

I am accused of being from the people who stuck Egypt in the stone age !! I will not answered that because I know it is obvious how much I care for Egypt.

I wish more than anyone that they punish those who use bad language in Egypt seriously.

God knows I would post the same post at the same time if that woman were a man and I would wonder why a man did not stop him !!

This is not a sexism thing , this is not Hilary Vs. Obama , this is something much important ,please do not change it from its right context.

Blast from the past

Women who are victims of Police brutality


  1. I dont know why people cant understand they are actually reading from the same page and accept something which lacks in Egyptian society which is....?

    By swearing the way you did- you did lose the vent before you began it

    By not putting the real issue clear enough

    1) there are many like the female who are rude and use the power of status in Egyptian society to hold it back and people are fed up with it, thats why people have acted strongly towards it

    2) No she should not have had a banned weapon

    3) she shouldnt have needed to have it if the society in Egypt didnt abuse females at every chance there is- in married life, walking down the street, while doing the shopping, the struggle for Egyptian women is just too much wasted energy on trying to live a peaceful life without sexual harassing every turn that is made

    4) Men who have written sick comments in other blogs about it- imagine what shes heard in her ears to make her fear and fight like that- women are not aggressive by nature- unless forced to protect something Egyptian society places way too much concern on--the bodies of themselves

    5) the start of the filming was late into the incident

    6) Why the heck is the guy filming her anyway? Another pervert with a camera phone to focus on womens breasts so he can swap it round in the coffee house

    7) I visited this blog for years, almost everyday and I love the writing in this blog- but on this one your are wrong.

    8) You are the best blogger in Egypt for me personally but your response was very cultural- if it would have been a man there would have been a different response- you perhaps would have noted the points about the baton he held but I doubt that it would have even got to waels blog because the person would have been more aware of filming a man.

    lastly you could tell the person was a pervert the way they focused on the legs of the female- females are treated badly in Egypt and people have a had enough of living in a shame society- where females suffer a heck of a lot.

  2. @anonymous , first I must thank for your nice words that give more responsibility
    Yes I was wrong to use the words I used in the previous post but I wrote when I was too angry ,too angry acting in more Egyptian way 100% as you described it
    about the film I did not realize what the man was concentrating on her body except when you mention in it , I am not a man plus her voice and vocabulary took my attention
    about sexual harassment , well I hate to say it but this kind of girls do not usually suffer like the rest of us in the street ,the one who say those insults like that in the street in public ,anyone will think twice to harass her
    My dear friend there is a different between carrying pepper spray and this stick which can really really harm anyone innocent not to mention how it got it is illegal.
    about a male or female , from Knowing Wael's style in blogging I would tell you it is not about a man or a woman because if he was a man , he would a police officer or a son of police officer , he would publish it immediately


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