Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nasser after King Farouk

After the big success of King Farouk TV series last year in Ramadan , the production companies and TV channels started the rush of the biographies TV series in the Arab world , this year there will be more than one TV series about the biographies of famous people whether in Politics, art,religion and education. There are two biography TV series that will create a lot of buzz.
First is Nasser TV series , the response on Farouk TV series despite no one mentioned from near or far the name of Nasser in any Kamal as Nasser episode , Nasser TV series is directed by famous Syrian director Basel El-Khatib , this man made very successful TV series including the one about the life of Nazir Qabbani that introduced Tim El-Hassan to the Arabic viewers, many Syrians till now love Gamal Abd El-Nasser even  more than the Egyptians !!
Magdy Kamal , a young actor not an A list will play the role of Gamal Abd El-Nasser , already he played his role before in Halim TV series from Two years. “I think Nasser was much darker than this “
El-Khatib promised that he would not present an angelic portrait for Nasser but rather a neutral image mentioning his pros and cons , we will see.
Second we got "Asmahan" ,the bio epic about the life and death of Princess Amal Al Atrash Aka the famous 1930s and 1940s singer Asmahan ,the sister of Farid Al-Atrash and the descendent of the famous Druz family.

This TV series got its shares from problems , the family of Al Atrash in Syria is suing the production company and trying to stop the Princess Amal broadcast of the series , they are afraid that it would defame her reputation. I mean in her short life , the sister of Farid Al Atrash broke the hearts of dozens of men including Hasseinein Pasha,Ahmed Salam ,Prince Hassan Al-Atrash and the prince of Egyptian Journalism Mohamed El-Tabi, she worked as double agent for both the British and the Germans in the WWII ,till now no one knows whom she was working to just like Ashraf Marwan and her death is still an enigma no one knows who caused the terrible accident that ended the life of an icon of her time.
Asmahan's life story was the start of this explosive relation between Arts,Women and politics. Ian Fleming sorry John Le Carre could be inspired to write a WWII spy thriller about her
The director  is Tunisian and the beautiful Syrian Solaf  Fawakherji Solaf as Asahman plays the role of Asmahan , it is logic thing Asmahan was beautiful.The production company said that they would represent Asmahan in a neutral image. Again we will see :)
Look I do not know but the neutral image is hard to be achieved in art however you try to because in the end you want to have one conclusion, In king Farouk despite the fact Lamis Gaber fell in love in his character , she showed in my point of view his weakness points crystal clear.
There are other TV series about the life of Ali Pasha Mubarak and Abd El-Halim Mahmoud think.
I do not know what I am going to watch Nasser or Asmahan because already I think there will be more for glorification then for history.
Many People love Nasser and are trying to defend him and prove his was the greatest man.
The Syrians believe that Asmahan was a national Heroine where as she was just like Queen Nazli no difference between them between my all respect !! By the Way Asmahan and Nazli were fighting over man that was Hasseinein Pasha and there were silly rumours that Nazli got rid from her beautiful young competitor

Asmahan is going to be aired in Ramadan on Dream TV2 and I think Nile Drama ,where as Nasser is not going to be aired on the National TV and do not ask me why , it shared the same destiny of King Farouk , in stead it will be aired on Dubai TV insh Allah

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