Monday, August 4, 2008

Not defending Nasser

I do not defend Nasser because he got so many supporters that can do this very well better than me but I do not like to see something  wrong and do nothing regarding it. I do not like that myths and lies to be repeated over and over till they become fact causing damages.
From couple of weeks I found Mounir Fakhary Abd El-Nour the famous MP , Wafd member and the member of the famous Christian family with long history in the Egyptian political arena saying a strange claim in Al Wafd newspaper.
It was during the protests of Christians outside Egypt when he claimed that the Oppression of Egyptian Christians started during the Nasserite era. He claimed that the Oppression of Christians in Egypt started with the Nationalization decree in 1960 !!
DO you understand now why I had to speak even if my voice did not reach beyond this small hobbit place !!??
What Oppression this man is speaking about ??
Nasser did not nationalize the Christians alone for God Sake !!
The dictatorship of Nasser was distributed equally between the Citizens of Egypt  and I dare to say Nasser prosecuted more the Muslims.
The Christians did not suffer like the MB during his era except those who had political opinions and opposed his rule !!
With my all respect Nasser nationalized more Muslims than Christians.

Mounir Fakhary is repeating the same nonsense Adly Abadir  that the Oppression of Christians in Egypt and also in the east started when Sadat had attended the Islamic Conference in Saudi Arabia in 1955 !! I do not want to be rude but Mr. Abadir had forgotten how the  Egyptian-Saudi Relations were during the Nasserite era that reached in to indirect wars to the level that Nasser thought of boycotting pilgrimage to Mecca !! Yeah Nasser ,the conservative Muslim !! Another joke !!

I understand that Mr.Abadir’s family was nationalized just like Fakhary’s family still it was not done because of Religion for God Sake.

With my all respect if we are going to speak about history  during the Nasserite era ,Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral  at Abessia aka the headquarter of the Pope of Alexandria and the Church was built and inaugurated too , I have to remind some people that this was and is still the largest Church complex in Egypt and as far as I know it was biggest one in the Arab world then !!

24th July , 1965, putting together the basis of the Complex during the 13th celebration of the revolution. The Church was opened in 1968

Photo Source : The official Gamal Abd El-Nasser website


  1. Part of the suppression of Christians in Egypt is keeping the rest of the population ignorant about the suppression. So I am not surprised that you don't think that it exists. Do some simple research and you will learn more.

  2. Mark the Egyptian population despite it has been ruled for very long time by dictators is not stupid or ignorant , the Egyptian population knows very well what is going on in its land , I think some Christians ignore the whole Egyptian population is suffering from equal suppression , do some simple research and you will learn more


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