Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Shura mania continues !!

First of all I must say something , it was wrong timing to try the new diesel electricity generators in the Tahrir Complex today which is behind the Shura Council because there was an electric outage and smoke , people got panicked and they should be !! After 72 hours of the fire of the year they found smoke in Cairo biggest Governmental complex in the same area !!

Second why always Nazif says something and Mubarak says another thing ,I mean yesterday Nazif shocked me and said that they would demolish the remains of the historical building that witnessed the trial of Oraby in 1888 to build a modern new one ,but today Mubarak said that they would keep the building as it but they would restore it immediately so it can be opened next November !!

Third and this is to all the skeptical of the bearing walls system , the building survived because of it , still according to what I understood they will rebuild the third floor with concrete.

Now the Shura fire council mania reached to Israel , I received news from Wael Abbas Twitter’s news service saying that Radio Israel is claiming that a small bombed aircraft without a pilot crashed in the building and caused that fire !!!!?? I can’t find the news itself in their Arabic website but this is really crazy assumption , first of all this is not the Pentagon , already who would launch an attack like this against Egypt or the Egyptian regime, please do not tell it is Al Qaida or Hamas , also how they knew about it !! Also why to attack the Shura Council and not the parliament itself !!??

This is very ridiculous, even more ridiculous then Hisham Mustafa theory , oh there was update to Hisham Mustafa theory !!

It is said that on last Tuesday ,Hisham Talaat Mustafa was stripped from his Shura Council immunity , also they interrogated him for his role in Suzan Tamim’s murder . This is nice theory , but I am afraid I have to debunk it , because they can’t strip him from his council immunity when the Shura Council is in vacation !! Still The second part of the theory can be true ,may be he was interrogated on that day by the prosecuters and the Interpol.Man if Hisham is so strong that he can burn the Shura Council, could not he get rid of Suzan in a less noisy way or he just loves big scenes ??!!

The Criticism to Government negligence is all over the media.The Government is surprised by the reaction of the Egyptians of gloating !! This is another proof on the stupidity of the Government ,you do need to know why they are feeling this !!??

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