Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We came back as we went

Let’s speak frankly ,we only go to the Olympics so other countries would win medals through us. Our big failure in the Olympics this year is just another failure added to our failures worldwide.

What I hate is all these millions spent in vain with no result at all. Yes we did not have much hope except may be on few like Karm Gabar ,whom I expected to fail because he was spoiled , the classic result of spoiling our sports heroes.

Our athletes are not bad on the contrary , they are the first in Africa and in the Arab world , they even score in the world championship , I do not know what happens to them in the Olympics.

Yes the government does not care about them , yes there is no enough budget spent on sports in Egypt other than Football , oh yes football the curse that destroyed other sports , all the attention and all that money.

Sometimes I feel that if the clubs in Egypt spend 1/3 of the money they spend on football on other sports , things can be different and we can score something.Also our educational system, sports activities should be revived in our schools ,  I look to the photos of the playgrounds and sports fields in the schools in the past and I am surprised , unfortunately all those playgrounds were turned in to buildings. The sports classes are turned in to chat classes for girls and football matches between boys.

Also the sports clubs now are very expensive to the rest of the population, your potential athletes who can score medals are not all from the rich high or high middle class , there are youth clubs in the Governorates that should be improved.

Strangely there were million spent on this Olympic team , of course I know for sure that most or all of these millions were stolen , because if they were spent as they should be ,our results would be different.

I will be positive , we score something in the Olympics 2008 at Beijing , our handball team tried so hard but it lost , it is not bad, in boxing for the second time after Greece 2004 we became too close for the bronze medal , it is worth to say before Greece ,we never knew that we had  boxers who qualified to the Olympics. Of course in Judo we have our hope.

You know why I feel sad because I feel that sports became the only joy of the people , well I do not want football to be only joy of the people if it is going to be sports.

I also feel sad because I feel that our athletes deserve more and they can achieve more.

What teases me is that stupid ads from Marie Louie and BTM that they designed the uniform of Egypt’s Olympic team !! Marie you are not Ralph Lauren dear , oh man it is not a fashion parade for God sake :(

As usual we get nothing in the Olympics but we always got something in the Paralympic games

I should mention that the chairman of our Olympics committee is Mounir Thabet , the brother of the first lady Suzan Mubarak and student of President Mubarak. Also I should mention this year there was some kind of fight between Thabet and Hassan Sakr ,the chairman of the national council for sports !! Thabet came in a press conference crying and reminding the people that he was defending this country when Sakr wore shorts and played football with the kids in the street !!

Updated : President Mubarak questions the failure of Egypt in Olympics !! Well it is not the first Olympics we fail in during his era !! I think Hassan Sakr will be the scapegoat.


  1. In a country where people have no clean drinking water, enough food or proper health care why should all of this money be spent on any kind of sports?

  2. @Jessyz,I think you are right ,in fact you are right , some people do not have shelter till now for God sake


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