Saturday, August 16, 2008

What is exactly happening in the Caucasus ?? What brought the Israelis to Georgia ??

We knew that the Israelis are so involved in the conflict in the Caucasus currently , we knew that from their famous security DEBAKE site that they are involved because of the oil , the oil pipeline which can be closed in any war that can happen in the middle East because when I look to the map ,I see that this pipeline will have to cross either Syria or Iraq and Jordan to reach Israel !!
Now Hassan Nasrallah came out in the Television and officially teased the Israelis by their generals who are the reason of Georgia’s defeat in front of the Polar Bear !! We have to admit that this guy is doing an excellent job in his psychological war against his enemies in Israel. Here is the complete speech in English , I am sorry if it is blocked in you country.
I do not know really why the Israelis are so involved in Georgia , come on their army is not the greatest one for God sake ,it could not get rid from militias in a tiny country !!
Yes the oil pipeline can be factor but may be there are other huge involvement.
May be the Israelis want to be trained more and more on the mountains war , after all on of their fiascos in the Lebanon July 2006 war is that they did not use to fight in Mountains  not to mention it was a guerilla fight.
May be the Israelis went to Georgia to test their new modified Merkava for the mountain wars. The Merkava proved its failure in the mountains ,the tank was made for deserts especially for Sinai originally according to its history , the Israelis did not imagine they have to use in Lebanon I think !!
I do not know !!
But I know that the Media in Israel is with the west against Russia ,also there are calls in Israel to bring the Jews in Georgia.


  1. 4 yr kind information, the Merkava is not fitted for rugged hilly terrain, it is a heavy machine [damn heavy machine], it is designed for typical monsterous armor carnage on semi-flat plateau as long as mission does not go beyond a distance of 500KM from main logestics base [say up to suez canal or damascus airport] & Israel plannars are not so dump to ignore that because they design it so

    Israel are so involved 4 very damn good reason, Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan will be extended further to Haifa-Elat by-passing suez canal, making Elat the most important oil export terminal to the east (after Jbeel-KSA) & making israel an energy-rich state

    (while our oil will run bone-dry within less than decate, prices sky rocket, and we will sit don on our asses with stupid smile on our face sucking our cocks & applausing to bffoons like faragallah)

  2. @anonymous , so Israel is working to be become a large exporter to Oil despite it is not a producer , it is a nice plan , they know how to plan
    so why they do not get Gas from some where else !!
    I know about Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan , I wrote about it earlier , still when I see the map ,I see going through countries that can one day stop it including us


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