Monday, August 25, 2008

What Israel lost in the Georgian war !!

For Sure Israel has lost a lot in its silly adventure in the Georgian war ,now the Russians won’t forget easily . Especially that without this war the Russians used to supply Syria and Iran with arms not to mention their diplomatic support to both Tehran and Damascus. Now Russia has more reasons to support both countries thanks to the Israeli choice.
Russia now is returning its old status and it will reward those stood beside it and will blacklist those stood against it.
The Russian reaction on the Israeli involvement came too fast with the reception of Syria’s Bashar Al Assad in Moscow and leaking some nice rumour that Damascus would host the Russian missiles ,after all Poland is hosting the American Missiles. Of course that rumour was denied but we do not know for sure , may be they will host it after all and this will prove that the Syrians know how to play the game.
It is old news that Syria would host a Russian base after all they sent an aircraft Carrier to Syria last week.
Of course we should not forget that the Russians are deceivable , what they had done in 1967 and after it is a good lesson to us.
By the way the Minister of defense  Davit Kezerashvili of Georgia got an Israeli passport , it is a strange that you appoint someone in this sensitive position with duel citizenship .
It seems that we are out of all this , I do not know till now where we stand from this !!


  1. I think it's all leading to a probable cold war between the two super powers (the US and Russia) off course.

  2. @Yazan , of course it is not a probable cold war ,in fact it is on going cold war , it is getting colder and colder everyday between Russia and the west


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