Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cairo tower in Ramadan

I could not let the holy month without sharing with you one of the surprising Cairo landmarks in Ramadan this year.

The Cairo tower at Al Jazeera aka Al Jazeera tower.

This year all of us in Cairo and in Giza too were surprised by the beautiful lights of the Cairo tower after breakfast at about 8 PM CLT, beautiful colours and lights around the tower.

I took some bad shots “I think they are bad for the Cairo tower that was turned to in to Sania Shakhal the belly dancer tower lol

2008-09-10 001 0202008-09-10 001 018

2008-09-10 001 017 The Famous tower was just renewed after a long restoration works. FYI this tower was not build for anything in 1950s except to be a powerful radio station to the newly Egyptian Intelligence based on the recommendations of our friends in the CIA then.

Many people ignore that historical fact. Now it is just a landmark where you can see all Cairo from it. I have never visited it but I put on my list for the landmarks I should visit insh Allah in the future , oh God the list is too long ;)

Till next Ramadan insh Allah , may be it will be a nice custom and next Year I will be able take better Shots Happy Eid :)


  1. i love going up the cairo tower, i have not been there in two years...the views are breathtaking. check out this video, at 4:51 you can see the views of the city from the tower, i took back in Ramadan 2007. Enjoy!

  2. sorry, i forgot to paste the link:

  3. N. American Princess10/01/2008 02:16:00 AM

    Thanks for posting this. Wallahi u brought back a long forgotten memory of when my late cousin (allah yirhamha) insisted on taking me up the Cairo tower. The elevators were small and we were squished and the arabs we saw above drinking alcohol were annoying, but the beautiful view of Cairo especially at night was simply breathtaking.

    Inshallah if I come this fall I will definitely put it on my list of places 2 c.

  4. @Summer, thanks for posting it and thanks for the wonderful video :)
    Really I envy you because till now I have not visit it ;) But insh Allah I will

    @N.American Princess , I love to see Cairo from above at Night ,I saw it in Mokatom and it was indescribably wonderful
    Insh Allah ,you will love it :)I hope they keep its lights till then

  5. I don't know why I never got round to visiting the tower during my year in Egypt. Next time Inshallah

  6. @Aisha, my dear I live in Egypt and I have never thought of visiting it before
    Inshallah for sure next time you will visit it :)

  7. I was in Egypt this year and also wanted to see the view from the tower. So I went there just to find it closed because of the restoration work. Inshallah next time. But great to see that they have done a wonderful job


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