Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mohsen El-Sokary’s photo

I always wondered why they did not release the photo of Mohsen El-Sokary even after the lift of the publication ban in the murder of Suzanne Tamim.

I thought may be it is because of the fact that the former policeman used to work in the State Security ,also I though may be because of the rumour that says he used to work as a body guard for a VIP either Mubarak or his son.image

Anyhow here is the photo that was published in Cairo Today exclusively

He looks younger than what I thought , also I understand how poor  Suzanne could not resist him.

He looks like a strong bodyguard

He is born on the 2/4/1969

His father is former Police General and currently a lawyer .

He entered the police academy because of his love to his dad’s profession.

According to the official available information He is hot tempered person.After graduation and working in several departments in the Police ,he worked in the State Security, he stayed there for three years ,then he left it also for his temper. He stayed in the Police force then he left it to work in Special private security.He worked for Sawiris then doubled cross him in Iraq.He returned to Egypt and worked in Sharm El-Sheikh at Four Season resort owned by TMG and the rest you already know.

What you may not know is that El-Sokary recorded for Hisham on his mobile phone his calls about Suzanne , these records are considered one of the main evidences against Hisham.The Voice according to the experts is identical to Hisham’s. Four phone calls scripts were leaked to the Press. According to what I read Hisham told El-Sokary that his papers and all what he needed in London in order to get rid of her were ready. Another phone call El-Sokary said that he could not kill her there in London …etc till they reached to Dubai.

El-Sokary denied committing the crime despite he confessed early , he said that he had took the US$ 2,000,000 and fooled Hisham. Of course his visa card records and the bloody T-shirt  with his DNA and the blood of Suzanne in her building , he changed his T-Shirt there , also they got the surveillance cameras in the building.

El-Sokary was married once and has a little girl , poor one for sure.

Mohsen changed his story several times before his complete confession ,he first said that there was an Iraqi hitman he hired in Dubai to do the job ,second he said that he did it for a Dubai VIP and third he said that he did it for Hisham then he denied that he did it at all !!

Mohsen if he is found guilty , will be executed.

I do not know what this man was thinking when he had killed that woman in a cold blood ,I am not a profiler but I think this man disrespects women in general,for him may be Suzanne may Allah bless his soul was a cheap woman he would get rid of her and also would be rewarded.She was less than human for him , because after his return to Egypt ,he returned back to his life normally , already he was arrested on Blue Nil boat in Zamalak.He is arrogant for sure ,he thinks that he is too smart.

I am not surprised that he is divorced and I guess that he may have abused his wife physically.

Here was another episode from your Ramadan Hit Series “ Suzanne and Hisham” only on your Egyptian Chronicles.


  1. N. American Princess9/09/2008 05:59:00 AM

    Ur reporting of this story is the only soap opera I'm following this Ramadan...no time 4 the ones on tv.

    This guy is just creepy. I read about the way he sliced her up...something very wrong with someone like that...abusive to women doesn't even say the half of it. And pretty stupid to get caught on surveillance camera. Doesn't he watch any tv shows or movies. On tv most professional hits are done by guns with silencers.

    This story gets sicker and stranger by the minute. I'm sure most Egyptians are fascinated by this case because Mr. TMG who has a lot of commercials on the Dream channel, actually got arrested.

    I forgot 2 mention. I thought it very odd that Hisham mentioned the dua of Prophet Yunus. If he did pay 2 have this sicko commit this heinous crime then he really doesn't understand the meaning of this dua much less the value of human life in any faith.

  2. it is so strange my dear friend how a man like him made such mistakes and this is why I feel there is a missing link here , about the crime itself.
    TMG got other commercials in all Egyptian channels in a silly way
    It is not odd thing because Hisham used to appear the religions man's image ,I think no one is buying this image now

  3. These people really don't care about anybody. Suzanne did not comply to what they wanted so they got her killed. Isn't that typical of abusive men with poor ideas about life and how it's supposed to be? Women have been abused for thousands of years, in some cultures more than others and all by men who obviously have big egos and small brains. These men are indeed a waste of oxygen, I hope the real murderers get killed soon.

  4. @anonymous,I do not really know if it is abuse and a man's problem with a woman or a corruption problem , this woman may have heard and seen stuff she should not have seen or heard
    anyhow for sure they are waste of oxygen and I share with you that they should get killed soon by as part of the justice system not to make them shut up

  5. he was kind with all people which they worked with him in sharm el sheikh ,,mohsen he is a good person , but we are not angels ,, we are humans , and the humans make mistakes, i have many photos with him and my friends in the work on boat trip.

  6. he was really good man with us in the company in sharm , but we are not angels , we are humans , and the humans make mistakes, i ask my god the forgivness for you Mr. mohsen

  7. @Hossam , I understand what you mean , but dear this is not like any mistake if he really did it :(
    Would you mind share with me and my readers the photos , I am so curious to see this human you are speaking about , we have this photo of that monster in the media over and over , I want to know that person you are speaking about

  8. of course it is a complete crime but in opposite way , all the dalil show mohsen and htm did it , but in egypt they think so what she was a ho n it is ok to kill a ho


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