Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ayman Nour opens the mother of the Egyptian X-Files : The assassination of President Sadat

I am from the Egyptians who believe that the whole truth hasn’t been totally uncovered in the assassination of President Sadat and that it is from the holy Egyptian X-Files we won't know or even open freely except when this regime is over.
There are many gaps and mysteries in that incident that changed the fate of Egypt. And every time someone just tries to get closer or this file or even hint to it ,he ends like what happened to MP Talaat El-Sadat with a year in Jail.
Already Ayman Nour is in jail and he won't lose anything , the official media attacks day and night ,so it will not harm him to open this X-File, he is already in hell and it will be nice to raise the topic again.
Ayman Nour started to write a series of 4 articles in Al Dostor Weekly edition "Last Wednesday 8/10/08" and daily Dostor.
If You can read Arabic then please read them starting with "Is Suzanne's blood more precious than Sadat's blood ?? " He is referring to late Suzanne Tamim.

Nour discussed some of the mysterious of the Sadat assassination like for instance : the fact that State security during that time had info that the Islamic Jihad wanted to kill President Sadat for real . There are some points which I will mention here in brief :

  • The chair was available to Khalid Al-Islamboly in front of the killin1 podium to stand on and kill Al-Sadat because the podium design made it difficult for him to do the job
  • The disappearance of Al Sadat’s bodyguards.
  • There are Some names with several question marks like Mohamed Salem Rahal,the Palestinian Jordanian student who caught in the grand Jihad case "No.687” for year 79 , that young man then was deported to Jordan but his name suddenly appeared in the files of the Sadat assassination ,till now no one knew what happened to that man ,some said that he became one of the first Intifida leaders and others said that he became an advisor to late King Hussein.
  • The conflict between Sadat and Mubarak; what no one wants to speak about is President Sadat wanted to appoint General Kamal Hassan Ali and Mansour Hassan as Military Vice President and Civilian Vice President respectively instead of VP then Mubarak and that Mubarak met with the CIA officials in his last visit to D.C before the assassination without the Egyptian Ambassador who was Ashraf Ghorbal as the Protocols implies and Ghorbal had to complain to President Sadat.

And these are just few points Nour arouse in his interesting report.

Here are the complete series from Al Dostor:

What Nour says is interesting and the young generations who did not witness this horrible accident and should think twice before taking the official Mubarak regime story as granted.

I wish that the group of Egyptian bloggers who glorified Khaled Al-Islamboly on the last 6th of October “including some of my dear blogger friends” think twice , in the end the Islamic Jihad was used as Pawn in a very big chess game.

By the way before I forget Iran officially banned the “Assassination of a Pharaoh” which is originally stolen from Al Jazeera documentary.You can see the documentary here to refresh your memory.


  1. Good post Zeinobia, as usual, however the chair was occupied by one of the military guard who fled the scene with the initial bomb. There is a video in U tube that shows this part, look for it. by the way, this is the usual place for the guards to be

  2. I have seen several films about the incident including the famous Italian footage "The complete one" now if that was the guard place why he left it ,was not he assigned to protect that man behind him with his life !!?? That guard had a good chance to target the attacker as much as he could so he would give a chance to Sadat to move

  3. The guards that protect the president are also trained by the CIA or their contractors...hmmm very interesting.

  4. Just looking at the video,you feel right away that MUBARAK WASN'T IN KEEN to HELP SADAT WHEN HE WAS SHOT !!!HE TRIED TO GET AWAY from the spot and he was protected as well. My first question was as an OUTSIDER,WHY HE DIDN'T RUN TO HELP HIS BOSS! IT It is VERY FISHY!!!!


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