Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Russian Tanks enigma

I always wondered to which country those Russian Tanks on the Ukrainian Vessel were sold . There were many countries to choose in that area full of war and conflicts in the East of Africa.
I though first of Ethiopia , the country had a long history of wars with its neighbours including Somalia
But Now it turned that the 35 Russian tanks were sold by Russia to South Sudan !!
Why the South Sudan need all those arms and already there is Peace treatment between it and the north of Sudan !!??
Why does Russia support them despite the American back up to that particular area ??


  1. The 33 Russian tanks, RPGs and other ammunition was ordered by the Kenyan Government on behalf of the Southern Sudanese Government. Thought the Southern Sudanese government and Northern Sudanese that is the Khartoum government have a comprehensive peace agreement signed in 2005 thanks to Kenya, they have simmering tensions boiling underneath the surface. The agreement was only valid for 3years. They are scheduled to have a referrendum election next year on whether the north and south should split into two. It's clear what the outcome will be if you've been following that story keenly... and that's only part of the problem because of the thorny issue of Darfur as well oil money and it's exploration by the Chinese among others. To prepare for any eventuality means that both the north and south have to in Swahili we say 'kujiami' as in they have to arm themselves despite the arms embargo imposed on them by the UN. In a nutshell, that's why the tanks and other ammunition were headed for the Sudan. It's the second consignment of weapons headed there this year. The first was in February.
    The Russians entered Somali waters to try carry out a rescue operation that could lead to fatalities of the crew they were trying to save or an explotion of the floating ammunition dump. Their interests are to safeguard their people's lives and try secure the weapons. But the pirates warned of any rescue attempt. The other factor is they have the weapons in the ship. They could use them if attacked, that's why the situation has become a stalemate.
    The Americans are also in the area monitoring the Russian warship Neustrashimy (which means Dauntless) and the Ukranian MV Faina Pentagon officials said.
    They're there to ensure the pirates do not try to offload the ships cargo. If the weapons got into teh hands of the warlords it would have disastrous consequences for the East Africa region... that's what the navies there are trying to prevent and in the process protecting merchant ships using the Gulf of Aden route which is a critical passage for the maritime industry. Five navies are currently stationed there. These are Russia, US, Malaysia, France and Kenya.
    Let's wait and see how the situation plays out and how it's resolved.

  2. You realise that the Ukraine is an independent country and not part of Russia? Those tanks were Ukrainian, not Russian.

  3. Part of the puzzle is thus: there is an arms embargo on Sudan. Ironically, providing arms to the South and liberating it from the Islamist North helps western (US) interests who have always viewed Omar Al Bashir as a terrorist or terrorist sympathiser. Also the issue of Darfur comes to light.

  4. @Deeznia, thanks for the important explanation , unfortunately I am like the rest of the Egyptians do not follow South Sudan anymore because according to our government everything is fine after the Peace treaty !! I am not surprised but I am sad that they are jeopardizing with our national security like this , the division of Sudan will affect Egypt,the situation is terrible thanks to Russia and the west ,these tanks should not have brought to Africa in the first place , now as you say the war lords can take these tanks and weapons and East Africa will have a war
    it is like a closed circle !!
    By why Kenya would involve like this and it already fostered the Peace treaty !!??

    @Djinn, dividing Sudan will not solve Darfur on the contrast ,you will have more and more wars and conflicts ,if the problem is with AlBashir who uses Islam as a cover then he should go

  5. @anonymous, Yes i know Ukraine is an independent country ,but all I know from the news that the weapons are Russians and Russia is one that so mad

  6. @Zeinobia, money. It's all about financial gain. Reports indicate individuals in Kenya with connections to high people in govt import these for the Govt of Southern Sudan. Their reward is a kick back. But now that the Kenyan and Ethiopian envoys have been summoned by the Sudanese guys, remains to be seen whether its a diplomatic row brewing or not.

    Again @ Zeinobia, why is the US interveining in this issue to help the Russians solve it yet they clearly stated they were unhappy about Russian invasion of Georgia?? What do tehy stand to gain? And it's not ust about the international maritime industry....

  7. Sometimes news doesn't jive with actions.
    Americans & others on the scene fast, but
    Russia's Neustrashimy hasn't arrived even 2 weeks later? Russians don't seem to be concerned one way or the other, except for perhaps the lives of a couple of Russians. (Note- Russian captain died of heart attack, leaving just 2 now.)

    from the Russian newspaper Pravda...

    Ukraine's Foreign Ministry earlier cited the Faina's owner, Tomax Team Inc., as saying there were three Russians, 17 Ukrainians and one Latvian on board the ship when it was seized.

    However, Nyna Karpachyova, the Ukrainian parliament's human rights ombudsman, said that the real owner of the ship, which was carrying 33 T-72 tanks and other military equipment, was an Israeli citizen, Vadim Alperin.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't some sort of Israeli illegal arms deal that's gone bad & public!

  8. @Deenzia, sure it is for money ,but where is Egypt from all that jazz ?? alas :(
    about the Americans ,we will never standard the game of nations but one thing for sure the Pirates of Somalia are giving them real hard time
    @anonymous,now it makes , an Israeli Citizen , la la la la and I wonder where they have been from all this
    thank you so much for this info that didnot make it to our media


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