Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is not a kiss ,it is a hug only !!

Last week I found news that Tamer Hosni caused a political crisis in Kuwait that can force the current government to resign.Because of this punk there are several inquires in the Kuwaiti Parliament to the information,Commerce and interior ministers .

What did Tamer do to cause all that ?? Well he didn’t enter Kuwait with a faked passport ,in fact I think he didn’t do anything except he sang in a concert that was aired live in the national TV at Kuwait in Eid.

During the concert which was held in one of the 5 stars hotels in the Capital , a Kuwaiti teenage girl jumped to the stage and hugged Tamer ..and it was the big shock for the Kuwaiti audience and the security came. Already what I heard was that she kissed Tamer from his mouth but she didn’t “see it yourself”

Tamer seemed to be shocked from the security reaction after all he used to the hugs and kisses of his groupies all over the Arab world not only in Egypt.

Of course the reaction of the Arab girls like in Syria and in Algeria surprised the people there , it was the first time.

To be honest Tamer was the first singer girls would jump to the stage and kiss him publicly in Egypt and don’t ask me why , I mean it didn’t happen to Amr Diab !

As I understood the government decided to punish the organizers of the concert ,I don’t know how it could be the mistake of the organizers , they didn’t hire the girl as far as I see plus how could they know that there are groupies in Kuwait for Mr. Tamer !!??

I understand that the Islamist conservative members in the Kuwaiti Parliament concern but there are other moral issues in the Kuwaiti society they should pay attention to and discuss more widely open among them the homosexual problem.


  1. Isn't this the guy who faked some official docs to avoid the draft and was placed in prison for a while because of that?!

  2. that's missed up, from all the three sides..

  3. I think it's more about the state of Kuwaiti politics than anything else. The last election saw the rise of power in the Islamists in parliament. They were also recently pressuring the female ministers to wear the hijab during sessions. So to them this is a huge issue I guess.

  4. @Nizar, you mean Tamer,the girl and the officials ??

    @Jessyz , I know about the rise of the Islamists still despite their believes they do not tickle the major problems in Kuwaiti society for human trafficking , homosexuality ,the sex slavery ..etc not to mention the inhuman conditions of the workers, that Islam refuses !!

  5. An Indian guy comes from utter poverty to my house in Kuwait. We provide him food all day long, drinks, weekly allowance, a day off (fridays) and a salary of 60kd (LOW average). 60 Kuwaiti dinars are equivilant to 1200 pounds a month. All pure profit, he doesn't spend a penny from his pocket. Inhumane?


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