Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another List : The Nile Plaza residents

Down with the publication ban , this is for Hisham Talaat Mustafa or H.T.M as El-Sokary used to save his name in his mobile phone memory . After further thinking ,it is from his best interest that this list “if it is the true one” to find its way to the public !!

El-Youm 7 weekly newspaper published a complete list of the residents of the Nile Plaza four Season , Cairo most expensive and luxurious residence built and owned by TMG.

The newspaper published online the complete list with the rent each resident pays along with the annual tax , of course the numbers will make you wonder why they live in apartments and pay all that when they can live in Villa and palaces , well my dear reader all of them got palaces and villas !!

The list does not surprise me.

It includes NDPs like MP Mohamed Abu El-Anin who owns more than one apartment there , it includes businessmen like Ahmed Heikel , the son of Ahmed Hasseinein Heikel , already his company Citadel Capital is in the Four Season.

The list also includes the families of Mansour and Al Magraby “current ministers and in-laws” . Both families are very rich without entering the ministry.

The Saudi Royal family members got suites and apartments there along with other Rich gulf families like the Ben Ledans.

Now read back what I said earlier above “it is from the best interest of H.T.M to publish this list “ , it is not a Talaat Al Sadat leak after all where those VIP officials Talaat was speaking about !! The list include rich people most of them businessmen even those who are in the NDP have the capability to buy multi million apartments and suits.

Already I can’t find Ahmed Ezz nor Shahinaz Al Nagar despite it is well known they live there and this is another question .

It would be interesting if the San Stefano Plaza residents list is revealed for real including the name of the Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif !! 

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