Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Black Horse In The End

All indicators were saying that he would be the President of the United States and the leader of the free world but many people did not want too much hope still in the end the people chose change over the big repeated slogan.

Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th elected President of the United States of America “The United States had 43 elected Presidents in 220 years !!”.

Barack Hussein Obama became the first African American.

Kenya did not sleep last night and I do not blame them if an Egyptian American were in the place of Obama ,Egypt would not have slept too.

The Egyptian people are glad that Obama won despite their previous knowledge of his bias to Israel and his VP is a Zionist but still they are happy because they can’t stand the Republicans anymore.

Good for the Americans.

Now Obama has even greater responsibility than McCain ,he promised the American people and also the world with a change and God knows how the American People and the world are waiting for this change. It is tough assignment because as the first African American President all eyes will be on him.


  1. What is it with you folks in the socalled "middle east?" Just what are you in the middle of or east of? The middle east as some of you call it is a region of nations. Ah, but alas what region? Face facts honey, you are in AFRICA! Get over it and stop living in the delusion created for you by your usurping, criminal invader ancestors. Your nation as well as all other nations in that supposed region (Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia...etc) are all AFRICA which makes you a resident of the African continent. Your true ancestry is a mixed one, as you are not truly Egyptian or rather Kemetian. The world should know this fact even if you and your people continue to hide/disguise the truth with lies, myth and disinformation. When you say Pres Barak Obama is an African American president whose election excites Africans in east Africa, just what did you mean when you said his election would have done the same for an Egyptian American. Baby there is no such type person. "EGYPT" is in AFRICA and whether you like it or not, there is true African blood coursing in your genetics. What I mean by true African is BLACK, all other socalled Africans or in your case "middle easterers" are invaders or to borrow a term from your Vatican created religion, this would make you infidels!
    Wake up child and know the REAL deal history. This war you and your cohort fight with jews is a silly battle over stolen property that neither belongs to arabs, jews or christians for that matter. This post hopefully will enlighten you and your readers should you wish to post it. EGYPT IS AFRICA!
    RECOGNIZE that your arab-euro-greek-persian mixed people must pay reparations to the true Africans whom you murdered, robbed, raped, and displaced. You must make amends to the true Africans as you are a visitor/occupier of the stolen land which you are thriving off of.
    At this point because of miscegenation your people have an option to relinquish power to the rightful original peoples of the area you call "middle east" and repatriate to europe or socalled "far east". If you are granted allowance to stay you must do so as a minority class with minority rights just as you do now with the true Africans who reside in the false nations of the middle east.
    Whether you do so willingly or not, this will be the future of the socalled "middle east" and the thieves who currently occupy these lands (jews, muslims, arabs, christians etc...)

  2. My dear Anonymous reader ,Peace upon you
    first of all Saudi Arabia and Jordan are in Asia not Africa , second I am 100% truly Egyptian with all mixed genes including my African genes.
    Second I as An Egyptian/Arab/Muslim/African did not steal or occupy or murder
    blame the westerns as you want but do not blame us the Arabs after all our countries had suffered too even till now


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