Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is the three years in Jail Penalty a standard Penalty for the police officers ??

I want to ask a question , Is the three years in jail penalty some sort of standard penalty for the police officers accused by torture in Egypt ??

Today the court in Egypt gave 2 police officers 3 years jail term for torturing a citizen causing his death !! Yes they were given 3 years in jail for causing the death of a citizen.

The citizen whose name was Ahmed Abd El-Tai’ “45 years old” was trying to defend his brother from two officers when they came to arrest his brother who was accused by theft. Yes what he did was wrong but for sure what those two officers had done later was a crime in all ways.

Because they were so angry from him for standing in the face of the law ,those two officers took Ahmed and tied his hand with a car and they took him in a ride . It was a real death ride !!

Ahmed died of the implications of this ride and those who caused his death took only 3 years.

Now if I am not mistaken Islam Nabieh also took 3 years in jail term for torturing and sexually abusing Emad El-Kabeer. Now why those criminals take 3 years in jail term for causing the death of a citizen ?? Sexual Abuse is different for causing death with my all respect to the court’s point of view

I need an answer , the family of Ahmed needs an answer !! Three years in jail are not enough , after those three years those two will come out and God knows those sick bastards will do to anyone of us as citizens if they get angry.

I request our judicial system and the judges but .. !!??

I will be damned if I do not ask this question.


  1. Well these three years standard solves several parameters in the equation.

    Firstly: a 3 years jail is actually 2 years, since they will be normally treated as good-behaviour-prisoners so the 12 months punishment will be only 9 months, let's say the court will take 6 months, were they can be imprisoned in the same police stations they were working in. So in the end of the day the 3 years will be a 12 to 18 months jail in 5 stars condition. So taking it as a vacation esp if they will be join the police forces again. Those who are sentenced to not return to the police again will take it to court to go back again.

    Things suck when they are in favour of the criminals.

  2. @Mohamed El-Gohary , good calculation ,remember Islam Nabieh, he is not in jail but currently in some police camp as far as I know :(


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