Saturday, November 22, 2008

It is not a Representative Sample

The “Information and Decision support center” {IDSC} published very interesting results of a very recent survey.

According to this survey :

  • 98% of the sample are proud of being Egyptians.
  • 80% of the sample are ready to defend Egypt.
  • 63% of of the sample do not care about politics.
  • 95% of the sample rank the religion in a high rank.
  • 94% of the sample are happy !!
  • 10% of the sample are extremely happy !!

They compared these results with other results from all over the world and we turned to be from the happiest people in the world !!

First of all this is not a real survey or correct one because the sample size does not represent the real population of Egypt. The sample size of that survey is 3000 only asked in less then two months from the 25th of March to the 5th of April 2008 !!??Already we do not know how that sample became a representative sample representing the Egyptian population from all its classes and from all over the governorates.

Second I do not dispute that we are ready to defend Egypt and we are proud of being Egyptians despite what we are doing now in the country prove otherwise.

I  mean the simplest thing will make you doubt about the pride of our identity is those young men who are trying leave this country by all possible ways even it would cost them their lives in the cold sea. I can’t forget this young Egyptian teenager who escaped from Egypt to France on the wheels of Air France to die freezing !! Why some Egyptians are dying to get foreign Passports then !!??

For God sake if we are proud of being Egyptians and we adore Egypt why do not we clean our streets !!?? Please do not tell me it is the government fault , Syria is more cleaner than us and it is ruled by even most dictatorship !!?? If you love your Country and proud of it then clean it my dear friend.

If you are proud of your country and its heritage then why you are running behind everything western from buildings to fashion to food.

Yes we love and adore Egypt till death and when the time comes we will prove it but I am afraid this is the time , we do not have to have war so we will be those loving Egyptians !!.

Now to the happy Merry Egyptians

There is huge difference between Satisfaction and happiness , satisfaction means that you will accept life with its bitterness and sweetness. Because Egyptians are believers ,they are satisfied with fate and destiny still it does not mean that they are happy with their lives.

How will the Egyptian be happy with all those problems surrounding him ?? It is not about complain for God Sake.There are too many problems to be mentioned !! How he can be happy if he dies to get a loaf of bread !!

Because then why we are having increasing depression rate according to Dr. Ahmed Okasha !!??

Strangely no one took this survey seriously. Mona El-Shazely and her guest Dr. Yahia El-Rakhawy , the psychiatrist attacked and mocked the unrealistic results last week. I agree with them. It is unrealistic and it does not represent the real condition of the Egyptian people.

Of course the official media praised the the results of the survey ,after all the summary you got from it is that the Egyptians complain from nothing because the regime and the government are great.

The only thing I know is that we are the most patient people in the Whole World !!


  1. N. American Princess11/22/2008 08:29:00 PM

    I hadn't been to Egypt in 2.5 years and I was stunned by the changes and the differences. It is much dirtier and more polluted than it was 2 years ago. Could not breathe in Cairo without that persistent lingering cough. Air is full of lead and other toxins. I'm sure the cancer rates are skyrocketing. Alexandria is no longer the city I once fell in love with 20 years ago. Instead it's become another Cairo. Overcrowded, overpopulated, 2 many cars and the quality of goods has detiorated...2nd hand clothing stores have replaced stylish boutiques...Cafes Laden with unemployed men sitting and watching American women wrestling. Apathy is everywhere.

    The misery and depression on the face of most salespeople in particular was overwhelming for me. I even commented to several of them that they look quite disgusted, depressed and fed up. Long gone are many of the smiles of the friendly nation that is Egypt. Too many problems. An American friend who now lives in Dubai, told me I should have spent my vacation in the CLEAN UAE instead of the dirty Egypt. He used to live in Egypt.

    Umm El Dunya is only clean in Hurghada, El Gouna, Sharm and other foreign tourist destinations.... The north coast resorts are cleaner than the cities but they don't meet European or Canadian standards. Even the USA is cleaner sad to say and it isn't all that clean frankly.

    It's like they have given up and don't care. I refused to throw any garbage in the street. And they are hard workers but there is something wrong when a young engineer from the countryside is working as a doorman (bawab). Stylish areas like Mohandiseen and Maadi are finished. I was sad more than anything 2 c what had become of the country in the time that had passed.

    I hope the Egyptians patience runs out and they wake up and demand a share of the abundant wealth that is in the country.

    But a happy nation...I think NOT.

  2. Well, I think that most of the people would have been happier if the same sample (sample size and demographics I mean) were as follows:

    98% of the sample are NOT proud of being Egyptians.
    80% of the sample are NOT ready to defend Egypt.
    63% of of the sample do care about politics.
    95% of the sample rank the religion in a VERY LOW rank.
    94% of the sample are NOT happy !!
    10% of the sample are extremely UNhappy !!

    I know that many of you who will read my comment will not agree with it, but guys please, enough raising and developing negative and passive behavior and attitude, I am fedup from el beit beitak, wel 3ashera masa2an, we tes3een de2i2a and all such kind of programs, we are just thinking and talking and behaving in a negative and passive manner, raising these issues won't help, we all know it, nothing new, whats the point of raising it and making a big huge propaganda out of it, do you want the states to come and solve it the same way they did in Iraq?? give solutions to the government, deal with it as a fact, think win win, the government have some excuses for certain things, and i can give many examples, one i can mention now, the subsidy of the fuel, before raising the fuel prices, Egypt was the cheapest country in fuel prices after KSA, is that reasonable???!!! our fuel is cheaper than UAE , Qatar and Bahrain???!!! No need to mention Europe and the States, where fuel there was triple our price, a third world country fuel prices is much cheaper than a first world developed country!!! IRONIC!!!!

    I do agree that life in Egypt is too damn tough, i was living abroad and just back to Egypt few months back, and yes, i do regret it that i came back, but, being passive by just talking and making huge propaganda won't help, neither us nor the government, put yourself in their shoes, here is a breif statistics about Egypt:

    40 million of the population are earning between 700 to 1500 EGP per month (catastrophic)
    10 million are school students
    this leaves us with 30 million which is the rest of the population, 50% to 70% of them are senior citizens and the remaining are the work force, where only few of them can really add value to the country, I mean, sceintists, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, lawyers,...etc.

    No need to mention the illiteracy rate in Egypt, (Nasser didn't help with his plans and vision, Egypt was much much much far better before Nasser, but this is not our subject), I can keep writing the negative and passive points about Egyptians with proofs in pages and pages, read the history, but i hope i made my point clear, if not, i will continue posting my comments.

  3. mmmmm.... all +ve things are over 90% ... sounds familiar ha ??!! ... we are always the ppl of over 90% ...but honestly ppl ... we all know the country is goin down the drain ... n it's too late ... n there's no way 2 fix anything any time soon ... it's the domino effect ... let's not say where it starts cuz it offends some politicians ... but take anything .. like bad education --> low quality ppl --> no culture or ethics --> rise of the low --> absence of morals --> collapse of system --> failure to satisfy people --> more agression --> etc etc ... fixing this country needs 30 or 40 years of major change, very hard work .. by a different, better generation ... for now ... sit back .. relax .. enjoy the ride ...
    drive in our empty clean streets and read the reports that say that we are doin gr8 and we are the happiest n best people on the planet ... cheers ...

  4. u know the Egyptian politicians are really one of a kind, i wonder y do they keep saying these stuff and making up or faking surveys,while they know that no one is gonna believe'me anyway. haven't they heard about internet, cable shows satellites or eve ppl talking or at least feeling the misery and noticing the dirty noisy crowded streets.
    u know what i just don't want to live here any more its an inhumane country ruled by bullies.

  5. @N.American Princess , may be I am biased but things are not that this bad in Cairo or Alexandria especially Alexandria ,I am biased her already I love their cafes on the Cornish after 7 PM when families ,whole families go and sit enjoying their time and eating ice-cream,this view reminds there is still something good just like the scene of lovers on the bridges of Cairo
    anyhow about the happiness the scenes I mentioned is the few moments the Egyptians are trying to escape to from the problems they are facing
    They did not give up but they are so tired , they are exhausted ,they do not have time to think about what surrounds them because they have to think or rather sleep early so they go and stand in the bread queue.

    @My dear anonymous ,believe us we speak sorry we screamed to the regime to Mubarak with our loudest voice and he could not hear it , the government does not want to listen or see and this way we are speaking about our problems in this way
    We are not passive but we can do more if we are jailed if we speak

    @Ihabz ,yeah it is familiar the 99% !! damn it as you said we need another 40 or 30 years to clean this mess up ,still do not lose in this country we had worse times and we came back ,the question when that era will end !!??

    @anonymous#2 the Egyptian politicians or rulers just like any dictator will feel happy when he hears from his aides that everything is great and fine even if he knows it is not !!

  6. N. American Princess11/25/2008 06:50:00 PM

    u r like my relatives...because u have not left and c this daily u don't notice the changes. They are happy to live in streets full of litter, garbage and air that is polluted beyond safe levels. Leave and go abroad and then return. Then u will notice. My friend who spent 2 weeks in London said she wants 2 leave Egypt and take her kids and husband to clean England with it's trees and parks. Sadly, Egypt is not what it was. THE TRAFFIC IS MORE INSANE THAN IT EVER WAS IN ALEX. The corniche is a parking lot. It's still beautiful but it's like an aging woman that puts on makeup and wears pretty dress but is sick from within. Go to parts of Alex that are away from the Sea and then come and speak 2 me about how things are not that bad. You have NO idea how people are really living.

    Alhamdulilah you have a good standard of living and live in a nicer area than most but really the country is in the toilet and everyone I spoke to wants 2 leave, except for the wealthy and I met those 2...


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