Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mubarak Really Used His Charm

After 48 hours of his historical visit to Sudan , it seems that Mubarak’s charm convinced Al Bashir of taking a very daring and very late decision : A Cease Fire in Darfur !!

It seems that Mubarak advised his friend Al Bashir to announce the Cease fire order now so he can get away from the ICC and the new man in the White house.

But of course that Cease of fire is from one side only as the Darfur rebels refused.

I am not laughing but Mubarak and his men above of them Omar Soliman should have talks with the rebels. “Of course they have or at least this is what I wish”

By the way did not you notice that suddenly the Egyptian Role in the region was suddenly revived whether in Sudan or in Lebanon despite my doubts about the later. It seems that Qatar announcement that it will get involved in the Darfur issue made Mubarak realize that it is better to restore part of power.

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