Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Rare Video of Ibrahim I Capture in 1956

I have added to the Egyptian POWs site a very rare silent video from 1956 war. It is the video about the capture of Egyptian Warship I Ibrahim in the Suez War by the Israeli and French forces.

I think very few people have seen it in Egypt along with the photos of the captured crew. Of course these are sad moments in our modern military history but You have to know that Ibrahim Warship and its crew had fought bravely till the last moment. It is also important to know that the Egyptian Regime then could not have aired that film or let the press publish the images otherwise it would affect the spirit of the people. Of course some now will say that this is an attack on the freedom of press but again I would like to remind that the Psychological war plays an important role here ; already if you notice Israel was keen to publish the pictures and footage of our men in their worst moments ever to break us down then , just like in 1967.

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