Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gaza does not want weak Arab oppressed countries

It is so strange that all those thousands around the Arab world protest with all those anger for what is going in Gaza and they do not protest for once against their oppressive dictatorships in their countries. Is it fear!!?? Well just like Hassan Nasrallah said to his message to the Egyptian people “The police won’t kill millions”

I am saying that heavens forbid they should not protest on what is going in Gaza ,on the contrary but I am wondering when the Arab people understand that their countries now can’t really help Palestine or Gaza for real.

Of course in many of the Arab countries these protests are organized by the dictatorship regimes that either want to send a specific political message or to increase their popularity using the wound of the Arab people “Palestine”.

Gaza does not need the aid of corrupted regimes, the aid of oppressive regimes that are more corrupted and crueler towards its own people than Israel, at least Israel respects its people and does not oppress them, and it is an irony if you think about it, a black comedy if I may see.

The Palestinian blood, the Palestinian wound won’t be healed by the miserable oppressed Arab medicine. The Palestinian blood that wants freedom won’t be healing except by free dignified Arabs.

Israel knows very well it will be in danger not from terrorist groups but rather from powerful strong free Arab democratic countries.

For 60 years Israel was very lucky that its neighbor countries have been corrupted dictatorship including my own country.

These protests will be much more powerful even than now if the Arab people are living in free democratic countries.

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