Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hassan Nasrallah on Gaza : To the Egyptian People

He is angry and sad

Nasrallah spoke about Gaza in the occasion of Karbala even 11 days before the great religious occasion with its symbolism. Of course the introduction was very religious.Then Gaza or rather Hamas is like Hezbollah. Then an attack on the Arab countries without names then EGYPT ‘damn you Abu El-Gait !!’

“Abu El-Gait” is attacked mainly and he brought it to himself.He mentioned his infamous moment of shame

He demanded the People of the Islamic and the Arabic world to go to the streets to demand the regimes for their responsibilities of saving the people of Gaza.

He demands the people to demand the Egyptian regime to open the crossings , not to go to war ; to open the crossings for food and arms otherwise it will be accomplice in murdering the Gazans.

He called for the millions of the Egyptian people to go to the streets to stand against the regime and to force the regime to open the crossings after all the Police can’t kill millions.

He even called the officers of the Egyptian army not to rebel but to object on this humiliating treatment to Gaza that insults their military suite. He does not call for a coup and he is in no place to call one !! This is one bold call , it is a historical one for sure. No one dared to call the Egyptian army to do such thing without a coup.

In General he spoke well to the Egyptian people and their ego in my point of view despite he should not have reminded us in the end of his speech that Hezbollah was the only force that conquered Israel !!

The rest is the same talk about standing with the Palestinians and attacking the Israelis.In the end he spoke about Lebanon

I do not have to bet but on Tuesday all the official newspapers will curse Nasrallah , the Iranian agent who is exposed to destabilize Egypt and its regime…etc , already the newspapers are printed now ,so it will on Tuesday official newspapers. In fact I won’t bet that the Egyptian Official TV will either to ignore the speech altogether or the regime speakers will come out and attack him as usual.

Already he mentioned Khamini in the end of his speech.

By the way why did not Al Jazeera complete the broadcast of his speech on Al Jazeera ??

The Cid spoke to the Egyptian People , will the Egyptian people listen ??


  1. The Egyptian regime stinks of treachery and cowardliness.

  2. all arabs and egypt help israeil to gaza crime.

  3. it's not insult my sister ,I'm arab too but I think our regime is helping israeil by silence.

  4. i think you should live in the same country with Hassan then make up your opinion about how innocent his call is....

  5. The main failure of egypt is due the egyptian people not the regime . Sadly my people are stupid to keep caring about those rag head palastinians the whole time . The best thing is to mind our own buisness , why should i care about palastinians or arabs , what would be the gain of helping palastinians ? nothing at all , we should concentrate on our country more .

    who does not like egypt can go live in gaza

  6. @last anonymous, I do not know if you realize that Gaza is technically part of Egypt's National security or you do not consider Sinai a part of Egypt too !!??


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