Monday, December 1, 2008

I am just saying…

Our president is so old very old in his latest photos with the President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner from two weeks ago

Click on the photo83762713 Look to the dark circles around his eyes :(

Now Check this photo from 1985

When will he admit that he is getting too old for his position ??

Why can’t the Presidents in Egypt get a pension !!??

Anyhow here is another shot with the Argentinean President, I really like it .

83762982 Will it be a feminine thing to say that I like her ensemble  ??


  1. N. American Princess12/01/2008 08:45:00 PM

    A Girl is A Girl is A Girl :)..yes she is pretty in pink but i myself don't care for pink

    He'll be there til he dies or is in a coma or something. He's like the Queen of England, reigning forever and ever.

    Off topic...Check out the following article:

  2. really this is a president ?

    more photoes for here plz.

  3. If only all those years in power he implemented seperation of powers, elections, freedom of the press.

  4. @N.American Princess, I love Pink and I love those ensembles so much
    about Mubarak , well at least the Queen of England does not rule , but he does :(
    She is popular and an icon where as he is not
    about the link , I read it about in our press El-Youm 7 published about it
    I am surprised from Mr. Amr Bargisi , of course I disagree totally , already our newspapers are not jew haters but rather Zionism haters , I think there is difference.

    @dawar, yeah this is the President !!??

    @anonymous, he would be the most successful and beloved President ever and would have reserved an excellent position as a ruler of Egypt in her long history but what can you say my dear friend !!??


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