Monday, December 1, 2008

The Judge will say his verdict in the Shaha boy soon..

Yesterday the court in Mansoura decided to adjourn the case of the Shaha boy to the next 28th of December insh Allah.

On this day the court will say its word in his case finally!!

The prosecution did not accuse the sheriff of the police station where the boy was tortured but accused the manager of the medical center the boy was transferred to. The Manager of the medical center accused the sheriff. It is expected thing ;this blaming and accusing game. Of course in my point of view the Sheriff and his men are the no.1 war criminals in this awful crime.

Hopefully the verdict will not disappoint us , of course I do not put too much hope. But in the end the mother ,the simple maid from Shaha fought till the end , she fought as an Egyptian woman.

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