Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Main Issue

“Divide Conquer”

It is true and we are seeing the division in front of us in the Arab world. I am so surprised with all these protests against Egypt and all these attacks against our embassies in all over the world where as no one thinks for a moment to protest and attack the Israeli Embassy !!??

It is strange thing that the main discussion or our main issue “Gaza” is being neglected where as the focus is on Egypt and its so-called treason.

We the Arabs did a great job for Israel as usual; we are divided as usual.

I will be honest with you as usual , I am torn from inside , torn between what is happening in Gaza from one side and this huge attack on my country from another side. I am an Egyptian in the end who hates her embassies to be attack in foreign countries so you can imagine my feelings when I knew what happened to our ambassies in the Arab countries.

Still I know very well that some of the thousands and millions protests like in Syria,Sudan, Libya and Yemen for instance are approved and sometimes organized by the regimes themselves to 84142149 attack Egypt on propose for political reasons. Just like the Yemeni protest with my all respect I found they were holding the photos of Ali Abdullah Salah !! why on earth and heaven a Pro Gaza protest will include the photo of Salah for God Sake !!?? Already I do not know what they think will happen when they put the Palestinian Flag instead of the Egyptian flag over the consulate.

By the way I believe Omar Al Bashir will pay a huge price for what has done today in Khartoum because Mubarak will not let this go easily after his African regional African trips he had made for Al Bashir to save him from the ICC.

Stoning the Egyptian Embassy in Damascus is something expected with the cold war of the words between Damascus and Cairo , I do not need to say that it is a Baath organized protest.

So because of political reasons we are diverting from our main issues as usual.

Look it is not the first time our embassies in these specific capitals were stoned and even completely destroyed but usually forget after all we are “the big sister”.

From another side I can’t take this racist talk in our media against the Arabs and the Palestinians. If we consider ourselves the leaders of the Arab world then we should be leader and act as one not as a follower to Israel and to the United States. We have to confess that our regime made a mistake , a huge mistake that will turn in to a crime if it is insisting blindly on following the Israeli and the American orders. It is not about Hamas and Fatah ,it is about Human beings that are killed in a 21 century Holocaust.Mubarak in this crisis lost a golden opportunity to win the Arab people to his so-called Arabic-Sunni Front.

I just can’t stand this division.It is not like the Camp David time , it is even worse because we are not ruled by a man like late Anwar Al Sadat

Division from Outside and Division from Inside and people are dying , this is a typical Arabic


  1. 'I just can’t stand this division.It is not like the Camp David time , it is even worse because we are not ruled by a man like late Anwar Al Sadat'

    no Z i disagree, it's just that we are living this now and our parents lived it then. my father was working in NY for that 2 letter organization that's on the east river. And our 'arab brothers' only had the most vile things to say about Sadat. Everything from cleaning the Kenesset to providing providing egyptian prostitutes to aid the IDF.

    and this was coming from diplomats none the less.

    and as for abou jimmy he's kept us out of war for 28 years. and im sure we would have felt the same about sadat if he had lived on.

  2. What pisses me off is Hosni Mobarak's speech saying he won't open the Raffah crossing to allow supplies, food and medicine into gaza because that would be falling into Israel's trap.

    Is this guy for real? Has he gone senile in his old age ? or is he really that stupid ? or perhaps he thinks the Egyptian people are that stupid to believe a single word? Well they're not, and neither are we.

    Opening the crossing would defeat the whole purpose of the Israeli blockade. Nothing would upset Israel more. There's nothing even close to an Israeli trap there.

  3. @Hani
    I am truly AMAZED!
    How can people prove to be so ignorant and stupid!

    Mubarak did NOT say he won't open the crossing to allow supplies, food and medicine into gaza.!
    The crossing is already opened for aid and healing injured.. Blame Hamas for not allowing injured to pass the borders! They want to have unconditional opening for the borders and playing with the emotional card...

    Israel is PRAYING day and night to have an unconditional opening for the borders.. they want to shift Gaza off the map and throw Palestinians into Sinai!

    it's not touching Egyptian internal affairs... New refugee cames will be built up in Sinai.. and there Egypt will have to handle all this fuzz alone.. da if Egypt did not lose Sinai for Good for Israel...

    JUST listen again to his speech and tell your Arab brothers to understand.
    Egypt was NEVER a traitor all through her life.. and if you don't get it, then its your problem...

    ps: Sorry Zeinab for my high tone.. I am pissed off bsara7a..

  4. Hani is a Pali what do you expect.He is probably attending those government demonstrations sponsored by that American bitch King Abdallah.

    Jordanians are really Palis that are so far up the White House's butt it isn't funny. Help your beloved Palis in Gaza, Miss Jordan. Offer them aslyum. Yeah right. Jordan Palis would slaughter them before doing that. Palis are best at killing other Palis or arabs. Kill a border guard in cold blood. Muslim group that kills other muslims. That's Hamas and Hezbollah and all of these other groups using religion in the name of greed, political gain and power.

    You don't need Israel to divide and conquer because the Arab people have never gotten along anyways. Only under the Islamic empire perhaps and even then Arabs need to be ruled with an IRON FIST. Any Iraqi will tell you that iraq was better off under the butcher of baghdad than it is today. A sectarian, splintered shiite v. sunni v. kurd v. iran mish mash anarchy that it is irreparable. Like Yugoslavia, it was better ruled by a dictator. Arabs need the same.

    Palis want to set up their own state within Sinai. Israel wants that as well. They want them gone. Over and done with. No thanks. They were educated for free during Nasser in Egypt and traitors that they all are, they danced when Sadat was assassinated.

    And let's not forget how the TRAITOR AND CROOK Arafat refused to sign the peace accord with Rabin. Why? Cuz he wouldn't be able to steal as much money as he could. Being a victimized state with no country is big business. Frankly we are all tired of Palestinians and their fake dream of a homeland. None would return. Leave good jobs in the gulf or the west to go back to the dumps that are the west bank or gaza. yeah right.

    Hani Mr. Pali you are pathetic plain and simple. Get educated before you shoot off your mouth.

    Hani I expect these ignorant comments from but Zeinobia should really wake up. I understand muslim solidarity is important. But more muslims died in Darfur than the few hundred in GAZA.

    I don't see you putting a gadzillion posts about your fellow muslims in Darfur. Oh wait. They aren't ARABS are they. They are black Africans so they don't count? Watch Clooney's movie on Darfur. Then come and tell me to feel sorry for a nation that continued to allow their dictator Arafat to rob and steal them blind. In the end, he was killed by his own men and it was all hushed up. Where did his billions go? To the Christian woman he married who is living the good life in France? Was he crying over the poor Gazan citizens? HELL NO!!!!!!!!

    Let Fatah or Hamas supply it's people with medical equipment. If Hamas cared about its people it would step down immediately and let the PLA come back and unite a collaborating, traitorous nation. Egypt has done its best to broker them together but they are all after money, power and control. No one cares about the little people.

    In the end, they will all immigrate to the gulf or the states and leave their land to those who have taken it over with great ease. Perhaps they didn't deserve this holy land after all since they sold it to the Jews so easily.

  5. @anonymous,with my all respect you did not get what I am saying here.When I made this comparison I meant that Mubarak is not as strong or smart as Sadat to fire back as the later man did in 1977
    Not to mention we were on the right side not on the wrong side like with my all due respect

    @Hani,in fact the old man said it over and over that he opened the crossings for medical aids , the problem in this situation the crossings must be open 24/7 for the medical aids movements which is so slow.
    Hani we do not like the statements of Mubarak too but we do not like this attack on our country in the same way in this terrible way on the TV Channels.
    Think if it was the west bank and Jordan is refusing to open the borders , will you accept the attack against Jordan in the same way ??

    @Blue , my dear Blue , shifting the Gazans from the sector is not an easy mission the IDF can implement any time they want , because they know very well that this can have not so good unpredicted consequences whether on the regime level or the people level. It is a scanerio they put among other scanerios
    already there are other ways to fight this scanerio to let this genocide and lose the hearts and minds of the arab world and your position as a leader.

    @anonymous, this kind of talk will make more divided and we do not need this now

  6. Dear Zeinobia,

    The header for your comments section says "I will not tolerate any insult in my blog or any racist or hateful comment." But I just read the comments on your blog and every one of them contains hateful and racist statements. Why so much hatred?

    Why do you divide people so much? The people of this country are such and such. This people group all act like so and so. The people of this religion are so bad. The people in the U.S. so deserve to die. This thinking is wrong.

    I suggest that we all think of individuals rather than such broad sweeping generalities. There are good people everywhere and there is no need to defame them because they are from some nationality or people group or country. How will we ever have truth or justice or peace (and no a murderous dictator is not the answer) when those of us who are educated allow ourselves to be irrational and full of hatred?


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