Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mubarak’s Speech

Does Mubarak use to say a speech in the Hagri New Year or the Georgian New Year?? I know that he gives speeches every Labor Day, October day and revolution day but other than that I can’t remember.

Mubarak gave yesterday a 10 minutes speech today on TV. This shows that the Presidency knows very well there is a crisis inside before outside and the President has to speak to the people about it.

Mubarak had to address his own people, the last 72 hours Egypt suffered from a huge foreign regional crisis unlike any other crisis in the last two years if I may say. Our embassies are attacked in Arab countries and the Arab media is directly accusing Mubarak with treason not to mention Hassan Nasrallah’s direct call to the Egyptian people and the Egyptian army to force the regime to open the crossings “The thing many consider in Egypt as a call of revolution”.

First of all here is Mubarak’s speech in English.

Second he looks so old, of course he is not getting any younger but I wonder till when he will be able to continue as a President with my all respect and admiration to his persistence!!

Now to what I think about the speech “I will not speak a lot”

  • First he said that happy New Year then he addressed the Egyptian people justifying and defending himself and his regime in front of the Egyptian people than front of the world then he sent his message to the Israeli leaders as if they are going to listen!!!
  • Second overall it is a diplomatic defending speech, he defends his position and is insisting on it by a diplomatic way
  • Third I think that this speech was prepared by Osama Al Baz, Mubarak long time adviser whom for some unknown reason disappeared for a while “Al Baz worked with Sadat by the way”
  • Fourth ironically Mubarak on contrary to his ministers and media put all the blame on Israel, his ministers and regimes are saying that Hamas as well as Israel are responsible for all this destruction!!
  • I do not get how we will strengthen the division between the West Bank and Gaza by opening the crossing for humanitarian reasons.
  • Also I do not understand his insistence not to open the crossing except with the presence of EU Representatives and Abu Mazan Government !! For God sake the children are dying because he is insisting on Abu Mazan regime, the same regime that sold Egypt’s security secret to foreign secret services!! We are breaking the Geneva Convention no.4 with our insistence I am afraid
  • People are divided about the Mubarak speech just like their division about current situation; those who are sick from the attack on Egypt believe that his speech is good where as those who do not like his position in this war considered it another waste of time.

In the end again this speech indicates that Mubarak is facing a critical situation in Cairo, it is not about his position in the Arab world, this speech was a message to the Egyptian people whose patience won’t endure for long for more fiascos; this is just another fiasco for Mubarak regime.

By the way I like the fact that he did not give a long speech only 10 minutes were enough.


  1. I think you should go and volunteer with one of those AID agencies and see how nice and kind your beloved fellow Palis are. You are incredible. Anywhere Palestinians have been allowed to flee to they will stay.

    WAKE UP ALREADY! Do you honestly think they can open up this border and let in just 1 or 2 Palis for medical treatment. Are you ok? They are dying to leave GAZA and rightly so. They elected a group that has made their lives a living HELL.

    They are in an overcrowded prison with bombs raining down upon them.

    So tell me MISS EGYPT. How will you feed Palis you let in through the border? Egypt is facing its own economic crisis. But I guess you living in your nice, comfortable upper middle class life wouldn't have a clue. You watch your tv and you think you have all of the answers. When Egypt can employ and feed and provide a decent education and health care system for its own citizens then it can import some refugees from Gaza.

    Did you forget the Sudanese and other refugees. Iraqis have come and stayed in Egypt in droves. But you have no clue because you are living a very insulated lifestyle and you probably rarely leave your nice middle class neighbourhoods you live and frequent.

    So yeah go tell your President to open up his border when you open up your home and house and feed some of these people since you are so concerned for them.

  2. Why would EGYPT ever open its borders to HAMAS? please explain this! WE SAID WE WILL OPEN THE BORDER AS SOON AS THE Palestinian Authority is given control along with the E.U watch group! If hamas cared about its people so much they would have DONE THIS!

    Enough of accusing Egypt of this and that, Thousands of us have died for the Palestinians, why do you always want the Egyptian infront of the CANNON then he dies and still you people say he didn't do enough!

    the palestinians are killing eachother, hamas are one of the main reason this murderous campaign is going on by the animalistic Israelis!

  3. @anonymous,I am afraid Miss Egypt knows very well the conditions of the Iraqi and Sudanese refugees from her high middle Class apartment. My dear anonymous I think it is an insult to country in the size of Egypt and its great position by all means that we assume opening the crossings according to Geneva Convention no.4 "which Egypt signed and also is violating right now" will lead to an invasion of Sinai. If you want to secure you country then bring more troops , put more regulations to organize the matter without waiting from the EU or the Fatah guys

    @anonymous, does anyone want us to be in front of the Cannon now ?? Even Hassan Nasrallah in his speech to the Egyptian people did not call the army to fight Israel . NO one call us to go in to any war.
    My dear please stop accusing Hamas of everything , you are twistting facts , Hamas did not tell Israel to kill children and women , it did not tell Israel to blockade the whole sector.


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