Friday, December 19, 2008

Stone the Press

I do not like that attack on the Press in Egypt especially on the semi-independent press. The attack is focused  on how the press covered certain incidents lately mainly the 6th of October city murder and the Shabaan Abd El-Rahim's illness, well mainly the murder case and how the two girls were defamed.

Of course I said before my view regarding the press coverage of the murder case earlier. Ironically those who are attacking the independent press are from the official press that defamed them in the first place.

Already beside the official press those newspapers and magazines that defamed the girls are from the tabloids . Those tabloids should not have been granted the license from the high council of press in the first place. They are granted the licenses in no time and despite they should not   where as the serious publishers can’t have license except from Cyprus or UK to publish their newspapers and magazines in Egypt !! Not to mention most of these magazines or newspapers are either economic or lifestyle A Class publications !!
I do not know why I have the feeling that this could be an introduction to impose more laws against press freedom.

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